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    Conditions rating

    Dod -unfit 5201 Right shoulder derangement with instability and trapezius muscle spasms-20% 5201 left shoulder instability -20% 5003-5215 right wrist tfcc tear with wrist sprain -10% VA -fit Pes planus -30% Left knee sprain -10% Tinnitus -10% Right cubical tunnel syndrome with right ulnar nerve...
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    My timeline

    my timeline listed below.... I never received an unfit memo. I received my unfit memo and ratings at once
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    First C&P exam

    I have my first C&P exam tomorrow. I am very nervous because a bad exam can ruin my case. My dod claims are my wrist & shoulder instability. I have more then one problem with my wrist for example wrist sprain, tendinitis, tfcc tear, carpal, arthritis, tenosynovitis, and frozen wrist joint with...
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    Surgery before Meb

    I had surgery on my wrist 14months ago. I have limitation with my range of motion, I also can not pick up more then 3pounds. My doctor has decided to start the medical board process. Today I just learned from another doctor that I need to have shoulder surgery to repair I torn labrum. My...
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