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    100% P&T Re-evaluation?

    Hello all, I have been recently discharged at the 100% P&T rating. I’ve been told/informed that the VA will not request/schedule re-examinations. However, my question is if I go to primary care at a VA clinic will that effect my rating down the line? Basically will they reschedule my ratings...
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    Re-examination Question

    It looks as though I will be getting out with severance with 10% DoD/90%VA. My question is, when is the soonest I can expect a re-examination of my conditions. I’ve heard mixed things from 6 months to 5 years while doing my own research. If anyone could shed light on this, it would be much...
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    VA form 21-526ez after Initial Claim

    I received form 21-526ez from the the VAs intake and evidence center telling me that I may be entitled to compensation for additional unclaimed conditions. These conditions were documented on my C&P exam after I completed the initial claims process for IDES. Does anyone know if submitting these...
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    Camp Lejeune - Timeline

    I’ve asked questions about others timelines and have received invaluable information from others within this forum, so I’m giving back. Here is my timeline for those interested: 29 Apr 2019: Referred to MEB 30 Apr 2019: IDES selection 15 May 2019: 1st C&P exam 29 May 2019: 2nd C&P exam 17 Jun...
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    Acute Kidney Failure

    Does anyone have any insight as to how the board tends to lean for fit/unfit findings for multiple instances of an acute kidney injury (AKI) or acute renal/kidney failure? Any insight would be much appreciated. I’ve been searching up and down but cannot seem to find any posts that pertain to...
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    Acute Renal (Kidney) Failure with Severe Loin Pain (ALPE)

    Hello all, To start off, I am in the Marine Corps and am currently going through the PEB process. This post is geared toward individuals who have any knowledge on the outcome of referred kidney issues to the PEB. I have experienced two episodes of severe kidney failure while completing...
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