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    Crohn's Disease MEB/PEB Timeline

    All you have to do is call the PEBLO and have them tell you. You should have a case worker who works on your case who originally briefed you! Scorp
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    Those that received severance....come in please

    I cannot answer your question but i would suggest you either post this question in a high traffic thread or another area. That way you can get some advice back.
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    April Air force IPEB Packages

    oh and create a May thread if you don't mind..
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    April Air force IPEB Packages

    TACP, Please remove my date from this thread.It was returned by the Local Board and i just signed it today for the official MEB board. My date is May 14 2010.Thanks for the updates!
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    Separation date 10 days --- no checklist/orders

    They will simply just extend his date. Be sure to that the PEBLO requests an extension though so he still gets paid and so fourth until he receives his material. I just signed my package today to be sent off and i've been extended twice already.No biggie just let him know to have them send the...
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    Got my "Proposed rating" now what??

    Air, I am not sure of the timeline for orders but my MEB started in OCT 09 and i've been extended once already but my package was returned from the local board for corrections two weeks ago. Last week friday i recieved orders for separation on my VMPF after recieving emails asking what my...
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    Med Board just initiated

    Jungle, There are alot of factors in every case and every case will be different. If you provide details on your case or just look around this site, you will gain a great deal of information. Everyone here is out to share as much information as they can and this is a great site so just...
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    April Air force IPEB Packages

    Well the DES process is vey popular these days and i guess if you were to start one nowadays you would go through what i did.Look up the DES Pilot if you want more information.There is also a section in the forum as well.
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    April Air force IPEB Packages

    TACP, The MEB is started to me when the package is sent off and everything before that is just the physical. If you have certain conditions like tinnitus or back problems theyw ill send you to do hearing tests and have X-rays done. X-rays were done the same day and place as my physical...
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    April Air force IPEB Packages

    MEB started Oct 12th 2009 Last VA appointment 5 Feb 2010 Looking to send Package 2 April 2010 "Will keep you all posted" Scorp
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    Can the Marine Corp hold me this long

    Jason, I appreciate those kind and true words of hope and strength. Im really hoping this will end soon and i hope to have my package off by the 2nd of april as they say it should be.I am actually off now to my hopefully last appointment with my Endocronologist and i already had my final...
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    Can the Marine Corp hold me this long

    All, I must say I am feeling the effects of this MEB process. I spoken to a few close friends and it might just be my own personal thing but my command is not the best at being concerned with your conditions, they just want you to not make them look bad. This whole limbo thing has be very...
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    New to MEB process, Thyroid cancer and low white count

    Hello all, I am a 6 year enlistee and my enlistment is up this coming Jan. Was about to reenlist but suddenly i was told i am being sent to a MEB for evaluation but no specific reason has been given to me as to why. The two main issues i know my PCM mentioned might get me sent up was...
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