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    Pain Management

    at SAMMC they work with massage therapy, cupping, chiropractors, and yoga for some issues. I was seeing them early on but they are always booked way in advanced and hard to get appointments that work with my Units work schedule
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    PTSD/Fibro IRLO

    PEBLO called today. Tomorrow I will actually see my paperwork. My findings were 70% DoD and 100% VA. Not sure how I feel. I am both excited and nervous that my career has ended. My whole adult life has been spent in the AF, and now it ends. 15 years total AD with 10 of those AGR and the rest as...
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    Als and combat vets

    I went through all the testing for ALS. EMG and the nerve conduction test are not a fun experience. Turns out I have Benign fasciculation syndrome (BFS). Muscles all over body are constantly visibly twitching. I was scared it was ALS or MS but all the rest were negative.
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    Fibromyalgia AF Timeline

    It was interesting. The medication portion was good. I’vegabapentin to lyrica. I gave Awesome. Congrats. So crazy how some MEBs fly through! Good luck in your future endeavors!
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    Fibromyalgia AF Timeline

    Did your have to take a Fibromyalgia class? SAMMC host one and I was told I had to go to it. Some information was ok; but nothing more than you have already googled. It was 8 weeks long every Monday for like 3.5 hours.
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    Fibromyalgia AF Timeline

    Holy crap yours is flying. I was referred last year around March. My case was sent to the IPEB Jan 31 and haven’t heard anything back yet.
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    Pain Management

    On the Air Force side, the docs have avoided offering any opioids in my experience. Good ol Motrin and physical therapy is the cure for any issue.
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    Medical Retirement, Payment, etc.

    Do you know when your case was sent to the IPEB? Mine was sent in January and trying to gauge where I may be at in the queue.
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    Rebuttal Response

    Yes, I have been through a fibro management course at BAMC and continue to see pain management. They do massage therapy, yoga, and chiropractor. I recently switch from Effexor to pristiq, in attempt to see if it helps with pain. Cymbalata and lyrica did not help and I don’t want any sort of...
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    Rebuttal Response

    I am currently awaiting the IPEB's findings currently; however, after I received my C&P results back, I requested an IMR. The doctor that reviewed my case sided with me and said Fibromyalgia should have been added to the MEB conditions. My PEBLO just sent me an email with a response from the...
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    Title 32 Technician Medical Retirement Scenarios (Please limit posts to "Technician Medical Retirements")

    Sorry to hijack this thread but I am going through an Meb and awaiting the IPEB decision. I have over 22 years total military with 15 being AD/AGR. No one has been able to tell me what I will get if I am rated over 30%. I was told I don’t qualify for retirement payment immediately that I would...
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    Update on timeline FINALLY

    Mine was submitted on January 31st, and I have not heard back yet
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    Message from admin? Looks like orders

    When I talked to my PEBLO she assured me I could take all my terminal.
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    MEB for USAF update

    I just looked in ebenifits and it has a message saying that my claim is in preparation for decision and a 2nd request has been closed. It said in the 2nd request was waiting on the PEB. Did you ever see that?
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    PTSD and TBI

    I have had a MRI. I guess there was an area that was abnormal but the docs say that the damage could be from migraines, tbi, or when I had meningitis.
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    PTSD and TBI

    Also the last sentence on the TBI form states This service member does suffer from ongoing symptoms of residuals of TBI that mildly affect day to day functioning. Not sure how that is rated. I looked at disability made easy. This was the highest box checked [X]Three or more subjective...
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    PTSD and TBI

    Would you guys agree this looks like 50%? 1. DIAGNOSTIC SUMMARY This section should be completed based on the current examination and clinical findings. DOES THE VETERAN HAVE A DIAGNOSIS OF PTSD THAT CONFORMS TO DSM-5 CRITERIA BASED ON TODAY’S EVALUATION? [X]YES NO ICD CODE: F43.1 If no...
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    My Timeline

    I had my C&Ps completed on the 4th of Dec. it took till 3 Jan when the VA sent my results back to my PEBLO. The doc did ok but totally skipped over my FIBRO diagnosis but whatever. I asked for an independent medical review of my case to include FIBRO as a referred condition. The IMR agreed and...
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    Germany timeline

    You are ahead of me even though I did my exams on the 4th of Dec. my exams came back at the end of December. I did an IMR to add a missing diagnosis to which the the IMR Doc agreed it should’ve been added. I haven’t heard back from the PEBLO in two weeks so I am not sure what’s next.
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    Independent Medical Review (IMR

    I requested an IMR to add Fibro to my MEB referred conditions. I wrote my letter to have the IMR review my medical records and provided other information. Only took a few days for a doc to reply saying he did not concur with the MEB as it was written and recommended it be added. I dont know if...
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