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  1. CW2 Retired

    Just had L4L5S1 "Dual" fusion....

    First off: Medical retirement is always better and has a long term benefits’ verses one check that we all blow in less than 6 months. They offered me 65k. Sounds like allot but now my VA disability has gone up again and with a Blue ID I still can go on post and don’t feel like such an outsider...
  2. CW2 Retired

    Tell the truth about the "Real Warrior Campaign"

    Have any of you been to the "Real Warrior Campaign"? They say it’s this: Former professional football players join military members and their families to play a few games, to socialize and talk about the importance of asking for help during some of life’s difficult transition points. A Doctor...
  3. CW2 Retired

    Retirees Losing TRICARE PRIME

    Great more pain for our sacrifice I hope the President enjoys his plush chair he sits in every day as dozens of my fellow brothers in Arms have given thier lives for the freedom our leadership squanders to the wind ........... So what is that other country that would take care of me and my...
  4. CW2 Retired

    Just a thought..input appreciated

    SO I too just got the PDRL rating that dropped me down to 30% from 50. The VA intern raised my ratting to 80%. I asked the VA Advisor and was told "Take the Permanent because next time if I fight it then it will be just a severance check!" So additionally he stated that now I should concentrate...
  5. CW2 Retired

    post 911 or voc rehab? confused

    Ok I am in VOCRehab now. Heres the deal. If you have exsausted your 9/11 then you still get 48 months of VOCRehab. I gave all my 9/11 GI Bill to my kids and only kept 1 month for myself. This allowed me to recieve the 9/11 rate which is slightly higher than the VOCRehab rate. The 48 months was...
  6. CW2 Retired

    All current and Prior 4 ID soldiers Must Read!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ya no worries. I would just insure that all your paper work is in order no matter what base you are from.
  7. CW2 Retired

    All current and Prior 4 ID soldiers Must Read!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry all Ive been out for a bit. If you are put on AWOL status they have been issuing a Federal Warrant. If you are close to a Milittary Instalation I would call the MPs and have them check, also you could contact 4ID or ask a local Police Department to run your Social. If you are seaking...
  8. CW2 Retired

    All current and Prior 4 ID soldiers Must Read!!!!!!!!!!!

    -------All current and Prior 4 ID soldiers Must Read!!!!!!!!!!!-----------------If you have been in the 4th ID and you where stationed at Fort Hood TX or Fort Carson CO and are out already or in the process of getting out then you need to read this!!!!!!!------------ So evidently...
  9. CW2 Retired

    Ft Carson Timeline and my opinion

    Just dont let the unit jerk you around. You are a wounded warrior not a lazy piece of $$$$. So stand up for your self and be willing to reach out for help because when you are out the CSM wont do anything for you so do for yourself now.
  10. CW2 Retired

    Ft Carson Timeline and my opinion

    Sorry Dude lol face with the name yet.
  11. CW2 Retired

    Ft Carson Timeline and my opinion

    4 ID......I assume that because that’s where I help the most soldiers. I have found that the CC of the Med Hold companies doesn’t care a bit. The fact that your friend is going to Mental Health for inpatient care again is very alarming. The Fort Carson Ombudsman up to this point has not been...
  12. CW2 Retired

    Question about surgery well in the process...

    If you delay the process, yes you will be in longer but while you are recovering you will be getting paid. Also the surgery could develop to increase the disability rating if there are scars or limited range of motion. You would be surprised what can help with the % in the end. I recommend to...
  13. CW2 Retired

    Contract Extended, Pay Suspended

    First off thank you for being a concerned Military Spouse and you sound very proud and supportive. If your Husband is not getting paid contact him and have him get onto MYPAY to see what his LES says. If there is no current LES because they say hes done, then contact his chain of command or...
  14. CW2 Retired

    GI Bill Tranferability

    Ok I had the old Montgomery GI Bill and Transferred to the new GI Bill. Then that day I transferred 35 months to my kids and spouse. It was all on line and done through the web site for GI Bill. If you get the 911 Bill then you are supposed to be able to give it to your dependents. I would...
  15. CW2 Retired

    VA/IDES system on CNN

    Will definitely share this !!!!!
  16. CW2 Retired

    Ft Carson Timeline and my opinion

    Wow, I will have to refer soldiers to you as Fort Carson is the post I have the most problems with when helping soldiers. The WTU there seems to be ok but the Chain of command is well "very Dark!" They have Med hold units for soldiers going thru the MEB but do not always allow them to go to the...
  17. CW2 Retired

    PTSD? I can't discuss it.

    Thank you for your Patriotic service in defense of our freedom!!!!!! Be proud first but realize that asking for help is a big step. It sounds like you have PTS (Post Traumatic Stress) It does not become PTSD until it is determined that the issues will most likely last forever. Not all...
  18. CW2 Retired

    Ft Carson Timeline and my opinion

    In see that you are a PEBLO. It is good to hear that someone out there is doing the right thing for us. Although I have heard lots of complaints about PEBLO's, myine was awsome. (Mr. Grimmnes) He was over whellmed with the cases he had but put 100% into all of the. He was miticulous and kept me...
  19. CW2 Retired

    Ft Carson Timeline and my opinion

    if you feal your PEBLO is dragging his or her feet than contact your Ombudsman they love to fix dumba$$ people
  20. CW2 Retired

    Just had L4L5S1 "Dual" fusion....

    Lance, To start you should start with asking for a PEB Physical Evaluation Board to see if the LIMDU's effect your ability to perform as a soldier. If you are limited to the point that you are unable to complete a Physical Fitness test(sorry about the Army terms) than the findings of the...
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