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    May IPEB Packages

    Just want to say I got my findings on 17NOV10. 20% w/serevance pay. I am going to appeal because they gave me 0% for my knee. I got 10% for each foot.
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    Going for formal for PTSD

    I was wondering if anyone out there knows how to write a letter concerning PTSD (MST) to the formal board? Meaning the format. Thanks
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    May IPEB Packages

    Hello peoples... after a long drawn out process... here is the scoope on me. MEB-14JAN10 finally my non- medical assessment complete 08JUN10 Package sent- 14JUL10 As you can see... my command held my non medical assessment for like 5 months. Then the command was trying to kick me out of the...
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    NEED HELP!!!

    Just want to say I went to Medical and everyone from Medical is saying the command cannot kick me out because my packet was sent and waiting for results. I called PSD and they say that I am PEB status. I think I am good.
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    Not a clue what's going on!

    If I were you I wouldn't wait for the call. You need to be active and know what is going? What will happen? What are you choices in the matter? If you're waiting for something most of the time its gets forgotten or people is slacking off. Be more involve and ask lots of questions and make sure...
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    NEED HELP!!!

    I am currently active duty E4 with 8 years. My doctor put me on Medical Board as of 14JAN2010. On 14JAN2010 I met with Medical Board Caseworker and inform him I am High year Tenure (HYT). Medical Board Caseworker ensured me the process should be completed before 14MAY2010 my EAOS (HYT date) and...
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    Help seperation date approaching

    You shouldn't have to worry about anything because you they have to wait until they found the results of your board. If you come to your EAOS date... then all you need to do is go to PSD office which they should have in file that your under the Pilot Program. Then you the extend you 3 months at...
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    Questions about my VA disability compensation vs. my TDRL

    My advice is to open an account on because there's a lot of information concerning the VA side of the house.
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    Serving in Iraq and need some help... case of Plantar Fasciitis

    I am through a Med board but its mainly for my left knee and bilateral flat falt with secordary to Plantar Fasciitis (biliteral). I had my VA exam last month but its going to be awhile before they send my packet off.
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    Please read! I'm concerned

    Thank you for the reply... I've read a couple of posts which the MED Board didn't rate for bilateral flat feet. So I am wondering why not? I have bilateral flat feet condition that has never healed and the way my doctor told it never will be better. My flat feet has affected my ability to work...
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    Please read! I'm concerned

    I'm wondering if the MED BOARD rates pes planus (flat feet) and hallux valgus (bunion) and if so, what is the rating??? Curious to know if the two condintions I mentioned is a unfitting?
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    Osteoarthritis knees Navy MED/PEB Timeline

    Thanks I need all the help I can get. I have OA in both knees but my left is worst then the right. For my left knee is far worse than my right knee. My surgeon who placed on MEB board wrote in his dictation I cannot run, walk for long distance, and cannot jump and among other things. Now, I...
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    MEB - Knees

    my question for you... have you got findings? If so, can you give a break down of it?
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    PDBR Pay ?

    I believe you can only get one (VA) or the other (DOD) unless the injury happened in a combat related environment. Plus, I would rather stick with the VA because its tax free money. If you don't mind me asking what you were MED BOARD for? And what's the breakdown of your VA rating to get...
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    If you dont mind me asking... whats the breakdown on your VA disabilities? Thanks
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    I need some serious help

    Are you being MED BOARD? If so, you will have a chance to get retirement which can help you and family on the medical side. Are you 90% with the VA? If so, it should provide some income. Also, if you are 90% have you looked into the TDIU or IU with the VA which can bump you up to 100%. Also, you...
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    Osteoarthritis knees Navy MED/PEB Timeline

    Thank you for providing the info. I was wondering did the VA give you a form for TDIU or IU??? I think its awesome your getting 90% from the VA :) I thought you would have a higher rating with the DOD because the of OA in your knees and the fact you had surgery. Can you do full range of...
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    Osteoarthritis knees Navy MED/PEB Timeline

    If you don't mind me asking... I am wondering what other disabilities on the VA portion did you get rated to get 90%. Also, I was wondering if you had surgery on your knees??? I have OA in both of my knees but I had a ACL Reconstruction done on Left Knee
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    Please read! Need advice quick!!!

    Its for my MEB Packet... your CO has to write a non medical assessment to complete your MEB packet before its sent to Washington or to whomever.
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    VA wants another C & P Exam

    I agree... you should do the VA EXAM and play the game. Otherwise, if you don't play the game it could hurt you in the long run. That's why in the MED BOARD process you have to be patient. All the best to you!
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