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  1. MHites

    So Frustrated!

    Absolutely frustrated at the pace of the Air Force's IDES system right now and how far they are behind. Will be January before we have an answer for fit/unfit and my package went up in October.
  2. MHites

    eBenefits Update?

    Will eBenefits update as soon as the VA receives your package from AFPC on an unfit case?
  3. MHites

    Looking for info on timelines for AF only

    Once your package goes to the PEB, how do you know that you were found unfit besides the second claim in ebenfits? Additionally, how long is it taking for the PEB to decided unfit and are they sending letters? If so to whom? Thank you
  4. MHites

    Multiple Sclerosis and MEB, anyone else currently dealing with this?

    All, I know we all are being boarded for many issues, however I am looking to see if anyone else is dealing with Multiple Sclerosis and the IDES process? Thank you
  5. MHites

    Barksdale AFB

    I am trying to gather information as I have been going through this MEB process since March 2, 2016. My current duty profile is below and my NARSUM was completed and pushed to the PEBLO on June 13, 2016. I was told that it is being reviewed however do not ever here much from the PEBLO. Please...
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