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  1. CW2 Retired

    Tell the truth about the "Real Warrior Campaign"

    Have any of you been to the "Real Warrior Campaign"? They say it’s this: Former professional football players join military members and their families to play a few games, to socialize and talk about the importance of asking for help during some of life’s difficult transition points. A Doctor...
  2. CW2 Retired

    All current and Prior 4 ID soldiers Must Read!!!!!!!!!!!

    -------All current and Prior 4 ID soldiers Must Read!!!!!!!!!!!-----------------If you have been in the 4th ID and you where stationed at Fort Hood TX or Fort Carson CO and are out already or in the process of getting out then you need to read this!!!!!!!------------ So evidently...
  3. CW2 Retired

    Chain of Command Fails .ref MEB WTU

    I would say if, but When your unit gives you any problems while going through the MEB process, I recommend contacting your Ombudsman IMEDIETLY!!!!!!!!! Yes "Fit will hit the Shan", but in the end is the Commander or 1SGT going to be there when you are out on your own, broke because you where...
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