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    CRSC & presumptive conditions

    What I learned from sending in a CRSC request. Request was sent in early April. Just got letter that it was approved, early October. Timeline is advertised as 120 days, closer to 180 in my case. Branch of service is Army. Requested CRSC for PTSD, IBS and Migraines. Was approved for...
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    Future Exam NOD

    DOD unfit condition - Migraines at 50%, got PDRL, likely due to a great neurologist. VA gave 100% schedular, but scheduled an exam on the migraines for 5 years in the future, nothing else. I haven't heard of anyone doing a NOD about a rating being temporary or permanent. Is it possible? Is...
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    GI Bill Transfer of Eligibility (TEB)

    This is sort of Army Specific, Sort of MEB Specific, Sort of just a general Good Thing, so was debating where to post to. So you can Transfer you GI Bill benefits (post 9/11) to your dependents if you meet a few criteria ( See Title 38, United States Code, Chapter 33-Post 9/11 Educational...
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