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    Why would USAA have incorrect info?

    A few years ago I asked USAA for an auto insurance quote. They said that because I had a General discharge, I did not qualify. To be clear, I have never had anything other than a full Honorable discharge. As in, it wasn't originally General and then appealed to Honorable. It has been Honorable...
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    Taxes question

    Thank you for the detailed answer. You are always a great resource for vets with questions.
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    Taxes question

    I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, and please forgive my ignorance. My sole income is VA disability. I have a mortgage. Does it benefit me in any way to file a tax return in CA? I did not make any taxable income but my mortgage servicer sends me tax forms every year and I believe that...
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    Has coronavirus affected the BCNR process?

    I have an ALJ hearing soon for social security and was told I will call in to the hearing as opposed to going to my local court for a teleconference hearing.
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    Hearing scheduled

    Thank you for taking the time to reply.
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    Hearing scheduled

    Photo of the hearing notice attached. Well this has been a bit of a wait but we'll see how it goes. Since my local ODAR office sent my claim off to a different office a few states away, it will be a video hearing. I do not have representation, I've had several lawyers express sympathy for my...
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