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    UNFIT, Looking for current timelines from unfit to ratings

    Peb office is telling me 60 days but Im seeing people who are getting ratings back in 2 weeks just trying to get a baseline for current timelines.
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    Just called my peblo expected time of fit/unfit months of what I expected

    So I submitted my case to the PEB on Nov 20th was told it would take a while due to the PEB's systems being shutdown for almost 3 weeks. She told me to call every week to see if there is any updates. So I call today and she said that its backed up and its now taking people 3 months to get...
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    Medial epicondylitis two surgery still pain and numbness/tingling

    I had a evasion fraction on my elbow due to clearing houses in training . So I had surgery is 2012 helped a little, then had 3 PRP injections. Deployed to Iraq in late 2014 and surgery again after deployment now im 3 months after surgery its still in pain and im still getting numbness and...
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