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  1. NJOnguard

    M-day National Guard Service Member

    Here are key information: *Was Assigned to the WTU after a deployment *20 yea letter in hand/29 years/15 active orders time *In the MEB/PEB process *Eligible for CRDP upon retirement. *Transproc in a few days When talking about S1 all documents were submitted for medical retirement and out...
  2. NJOnguard


    Ok I had my exit interview with MSC and I’m waiting to be placed in transporc what should I expect and who calculate my retirement, am I a part of this process, is someone going to sit with me and go over every detail and is it before or after I use up my leave finally, will COVID-19 slow any...
  3. NJOnguard

    HIGH 3

    HIGH 3 how does this work for me, I'm at the end of the MEB process I'm a National Guardsmen MDAY, please see below key information 60%DOD- 100% VA 29 yrs of service 14yrs active duty pass deployments and ADOS orders E-8/P Been on orders for over 3 years now still on orders base pay...
  4. NJOnguard

    Nerve Pain

    Can you be Med boarded out of the army, if you have chronic sciatic nerve pain that at times you can’t walk or sit for a long periods of time and you refuse to have surgical procedure to attempt to fix this problem.Most importantly can you request to be mad about it out. I will your refusal to...
  5. NJOnguard

    Max Age

    Does anyone know the max age to make SGM
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