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    Timeline and other info

    30 Mar 12- P3 PTSD 02 Apr 12- P3 Lumbar Spondylosis/Herniation L5-S1 17 Apr 12- Started MEB 08 May 12- C&P exams complete 20 Jun 12- Exam results received 24 Aug 12- NARSUM received 28 Aug 12- Narsum review w/lawyer- decided to appeal since goniometer was not used during exams; produced ROM from...
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    Leave awaiting meb/peb results

    I have a soldier that is being extended past his ETS until his board is completed. I coulda swore that i saw a thread about this, but I can't find it now. His ETS was March, and he is currently doing the paperwork for his second 3 month extension. If someone can confirm or deny or put up a...
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    New to the forum so a little background. Army SSG 11B 15 1/2 yrs AD, Jumpmaster, combat x2. I have 3 conditions for med board, PTSD/T spine DJD/Lumbar Spondylosis & Herniation L5-S1 When I filled out the additional claimed conditions, the VMC wouldn't put down sleep apnea because I had not...
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