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    Findings came in (Navy)

    So, as the title suggests, my findings finally came in and I was found unfit for my Narcolepsy with Cataplexy. Unfortunately as I suspected, they botched the rating and gave me a 20%. I am now trying seek some answers to questions that popped up during the discussion with my attorney since I am...
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    DBQ Forms lazily filled out by examiners?

    Hey folks, Just got my VA exams back and I have been reading through them. Is it common for VA examiners to half ass the DBQ forms by just checking off all of the minimum criteria and then making a statement that contradicts that? For example: My narcolepsy DBQ states that I have 0-1...
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    Navy SRB Debt Recoupment Remission advice

    Hello all, For some back story, I was a nuclear electronics technician in the Navy but was dq'd due to medications and my GI issues (also was dealing with undiagnosed narcolepsy with cataplexy at the time). I was eventually diagnosed with the N w/ C January of 2019. April of this year, I was...
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    MEB for Narcolepsy with Cataplexy questions

    Hello all, Navy OS1 here. My history with this situation is quite long but to drastically shorten a long battle with navy medical: my PCM tried to argue that my narcolepsy w/ cataplexy did not affect my ability to perform per my rate/rank (OS1/ Operations Specialist) for which I was force...
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    PCM refusing to refer me to MEB despite my condition being debilitating

    Hello all, To provide some back ground, I "was" an ETN1. I was recently re-rated to OS which per what I understand of the job will not mesh well with my diagnosed medical issues. I was initially diagnosed with IBS, GERD and Gastritis. I was tested on many different medications until I was...
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