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    Survival Benefit Plan

    Hey y'all. Hope someone could possibly shed some light on some things. When retiring I was asked if I wanted to opt into the Survival Benefit Plan (SBP) or not. At the time, I figured $15 a month couldn't hurt and it sounded like a good idea. However, since I no longer receive Army Retired...
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    Supplemental Claim

    Hope I am posting to the right forum section. Thanks for all the advice & tips in advance. I am currently rated at 70% VA & 30% DoD PDRL. Effective 13-May-2019 I will separate from the Army & Effective 14-May-2019 I will be placed on the PDRL. I will begin my transition leave starting...
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    Unfit for Duty

    I received my unfit to continue military service memorandum for the following PEB unfitting conditions: a. Right plantar fasciitis (MEB Dx 1) (V1-N; V3-N; V4-N) b. Left plantar fasciitis (MEB Dx 2) (V1-N; V3-N; V4-N) The memorandum is dated 09 January 2019 so I am still awaiting the...
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    IMR Advice Needed

    Thanks in advance for any help and guidance. I am set to meet with my PEBLO today at 1130 CST. I have already had my NARSUM read to me. I have an option to make an election to file for an IMR. My only unfitting condition, which is the condition I was referred for, is severe plantar fasciitis...
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