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    Max CRSC Retro

    Hey all just wondering what is the max amount anybody is aware of for CRSC Retro payment? I am looking at 6 years total back pay at 80% AC, I have done some rough math and I feel like I might have hit the lottery but still feel it may be to good to be true and somehow I will get the shaft.
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    Hey all, Thursday went in for my appeal for SSDI. From what I have read during the hearing they dont tell you if your appproved, but the judge asked both medical specialist if I "meet or exceed the criteria and regulations" and " does he need a pay agent" , the responses were yes I met it it...
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    Final Out to VA Finalized Ratings

    Anybody have a timeline from the time they medically retired to the time they got the final letter in the mail from the VA?
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    Transition Question for anybody already Med Retired

    Anybody out there who has already medically retired, I have some questions and request for advice. I was medically retired at 80% Army and 100% VA. I Started IDES in Jan 2012. Went on terminal leave 01NOV, and it ended on 24DEC. I mailed my CRSC claim and they got the packet the other day...
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    Recommendation for a good SSDI Lawyer or Advocate

    Like I expexcted I was denied SSDI, so now it is time to get some help. About to go on TDRL at 80% (75%) Army and 100% VA, all combat related SC. I need some recommendation from,people is my situation, I have read a lot about lawyers not putting much effort into the case and would like to deal...
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    VA and Dependents

    So lets say your spouse is 100% VA and you are about to become 100% through the VA. With SSDI only one of you can claim dependents, this I know. What I don't know is how they pay on the VA side of the house, no it would be great if both us was able to claim a spouse and 4 kids, but I really...
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    100% VA and IU

    If you are 100% VA and apply to be considered IU, is there a difference in pay benifits?
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    Were is the CRSC Calculator gone?

    I just got some intel on my rating and am trying to do the math, and I suck at it. There used to be a calculator online, but can't find it. I am looking at snap shot to plan my finances when all is said and done. E-6 19 years 70 and 20% Army Service Connected combat related so maxed out at...
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    I have 18 1/2 years in, starting the MEB process for many many medical issues I have ignored over my career: herniated disk x2, bulging x1, arms go numb and burn, fingers go numb on both hands, legs go numb when seated, ankle surgery for obliterated ATFL, PTSD, tendentious in shoulders and both...
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