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    Findings came in (Navy)

    So, as the title suggests, my findings finally came in and I was found unfit for my Narcolepsy with Cataplexy. Unfortunately as I suspected, they botched the rating and gave me a 20%. I am now trying seek some answers to questions that popped up during the discussion with my attorney since I am...
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    My PEB Timeline w/NMC Portsmouth

    From they way it was described to me, the NMA can be weighted more due to it stating the impacts on your job/ability to continue. I have heard plenty of stories where someones medical documentation points to seperation but since the CO(in my experience it is written up by HMs and signed off by...
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    Requirements 20% or 30%

    Where exactly did it say 27%? When calculating the total rating percentage they utilize raw percentages but once the final percentage is determined they round the number to the nearest "10". In your situation, it would have been a 30%. Were you sent through a medboard or were you seperated some...
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    Update on timeline FINALLY

    My package was sent to the IPEB on December 12th and I have yet to hear anything back (I am also Navy).
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    Referred Condition - Sleep Apena w/ Hypersomnolence

    Definitely fight for it regardless. An IMR, as long as the reviewing doc is competent, should get that situation sorted out.
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    Referred Condition - Sleep Apena w/ Hypersomnolence

    Cataplexy is prevalent throughout the day and can range from full body dropouts to your face going limp after laughing. It took me a while to realize how it occurred for me (knees get real weak and face goes limp). Normally if there is a test that indicates narcolepsy and one that doesnt they...
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    Referred Condition - Sleep Apena w/ Hypersomnolence

    Based on the general criteria for narcolepsy diagnosis (sleep latency of less than or equal to 8 minutes and 2 or more periods of REM occurring), you meet the criteria. Another thing to note is that sleep docs don't outright state a diagnosis of narcolepsy, they always state: strongly abnormal...
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    Referred Condition - Sleep Apena w/ Hypersomnolence

    I am currently going through IPEB for Narcolepsy with Cataplexy. It actually surprises me that your sleep doc said that constantly waking up at night is contrary to narcolepsy when it is one of indicators used when narrowing down to hypersomnolescence/narcolepsy. Regardless, the main thing that...
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    DBQ Forms lazily filled out by examiners?

    Hey folks, Just got my VA exams back and I have been reading through them. Is it common for VA examiners to half ass the DBQ forms by just checking off all of the minimum criteria and then making a statement that contradicts that? For example: My narcolepsy DBQ states that I have 0-1...
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    Navy SRB Debt Recoupment Remission advice

    Hello all, For some back story, I was a nuclear electronics technician in the Navy but was dq'd due to medications and my GI issues (also was dealing with undiagnosed narcolepsy with cataplexy at the time). I was eventually diagnosed with the N w/ C January of 2019. April of this year, I was...
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    MEB for Narcolepsy with Cataplexy questions

    Hello all, Navy OS1 here. My history with this situation is quite long but to drastically shorten a long battle with navy medical: my PCM tried to argue that my narcolepsy w/ cataplexy did not affect my ability to perform per my rate/rank (OS1/ Operations Specialist) for which I was force...
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    PCM refusing to refer me to MEB despite my condition being debilitating

    So I recently just got a MAS 1300/3 from the PCM saying I am not world wide deployable and shall remain on shore duty. Considering this contradicts the new deployability instruction stating you must be deployable otherwise if you reach 12 months you are to be separated. Should I expect that...
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    PCM refusing to refer me to MEB despite my condition being debilitating

    With the exception of going to CO, I have barked up pretty much every plausible tree. The general concept is that unless medical says otherwise, that they can do nothing. Unfortunately the instructions are written in such a way that can be twisted by PCMs regardless of how the service member is...
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    PCM refusing to refer me to MEB despite my condition being debilitating

    Hello all, To provide some back ground, I "was" an ETN1. I was recently re-rated to OS which per what I understand of the job will not mesh well with my diagnosed medical issues. I was initially diagnosed with IBS, GERD and Gastritis. I was tested on many different medications until I was...
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