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    Good morning all! I was just notified finally by my PEBLO that NGB and AFPC have given the go ahead for my full MEB. I am scheduled to have and appointment with my PEBLO on Wednesday. Can you all who have been through this, give me estimated timelines to completion? I know there my be some...
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    Well, been stuck in the I-RILO portion of the whole process since September and I’m getting really irritated. Anyone else had to deal with this? My package was sent to AFPC once and they sent it back with questions about certain aspects of my case. Can’t talk with my PEBLO because her boss...
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    Can anyone give me a timeline as to how long it took to hear back from AFPC DP2NP on their I-RILO status please? Mine got sent in on March 14th 2019 and my PEBLO told me 5-10 business days to hear back and here we are on day 9 and still nothing. Getting super frustrated with this whole...
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    Hey y'all, first time poster. I am currently going through the IRILO process. My paperwork from my PCM was started back in Sept and nothing has been sent to AFPC yet. My commander has done his impact letter, my LOD has been done the DAWG process has been completed as well (from what I have...
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