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    Awaiting Final Retirement Order for MEB

    The Process can take up to 45 days after your PEBLO submits everything!
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    DoD Unfit Ratings: Permanent Profile Required

    I agree 100%! Keep a copy for yourself because they lose stuff and it sets you back months or longer!
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    Is it a normal thing not having met your Peblo?

    I believe that AGR is a different process than mine! I'm regular drilling ARNG and started my MEB/PEB June 8th and should get my Retirement Orders somewhere around September 2nd (30 Days) thru September 17th (Actual 45 Days) since PEBLO sent off 199. Mine went very quickly because I submitted...
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    Some thoughts on the Forum and my input

    I just wanted to say Thanks to everyone on this forum for all of your help and advice!! I am done with my Meb/Peb and was rated 80% service-connected thru the VA and 50% thru DoD and placed on Permanent Retired List! I'm currently just waiting on orders to finish out-processing from the...
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    RPAM Question?

    ok thanks!!
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    Is it a normal thing not having met your Peblo?

    I signed my 199 last Wed and I'm just waiting for my orders while I complete SFL-TAP on-line. PEBLO said once the powers that be get my paperwork I'll be out in 4 to 6 weeks!
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    Former Active duty in National Guard

    I received my 80% Service-Connected VA ratings for the Peb. Now I'm waiting for the DOD Ratings and see where I go from there. Started Meb Process May 5, 2017 and am almost done!
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    Nearing maximum temp profile limit

    If you receive a P3 Profile you will possibly go to the Meb. Never heard of going thru one with a temporary profile, but I guess things change?
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    Is it a normal thing not having met your Peblo?

    I'm in the Missouri Army National Guard and my MEB/PEB is through Camp Atterbury, In. And I only know my PEBLO thru the phone and emails.
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    Where am i in the process??

    There is a IDES Dashboard on AKO but you have to have Cac-Card access!! I can't pull up anything on my meb on eBenefits. I'm already 80% sc thru VA and am in the Army National Guard with over 18 yrs and going thru the Peb as we speak.
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    Timeline Awaiting VA Ratings

    How did you get status on ebenefits? I can't find anything about my peb status!
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    Where am i in the process??

    How did you get access to the IDES Dashboard on e-Benefits? I logged on but there is no IDES stuff on there. I appreciate any help!
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    Quick Question

    once the meb finds you unfit, then they send it to the peb, that's where the dod rates all unfit conditions(If they find any?) If so, they forward it to the VA portion of the Board process, once the VA sends it back to the peb, they send the results to your peblo, then you know what % the DoD...
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    Quick Question

    The meb will send your peblo a list of things that make you unfit, send you a NARSUM after you read it, concur or non concur, they send it to the PEB and so on.
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    eBenefits Claim Disappeared

    How do you get to see this on eBenefits? I don't know how to pull that up!!
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    We need more Army National Guard Timelines! (Here's Mine)

    Great news! Any DA rating of 30% or higher= Medical Retirement!!!
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    We need more Army National Guard Timelines! (Here's Mine)

    Ok Good Luck! My Peblo hasn't returned any of my emails for any updates and she said she would every two weeks! If I don't hear from her by Weds I will contact the Peb Legal Office.
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