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    AF rated me @ 10%; VA @ 30%

    Jason, thanks for the quick response! I didn't appeal to the SECAF after I received the notifications(the process had taken almost 2 years and I was tired of the BS). I can look back at my records but am not sure if "I concurred" with the findings.
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    AF rated me @ 10%; VA @ 30%

    I just got my Va rating back (only took 9 months to complete) as was baffled that the Va rated my MDD @ 30% when the AF rated it @ 10%. I only presented the VA with my medical records and did a short interview. I'm wondering why the difference in ratings, since the VA and military use the...
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    Awaiting FPEB results...

    My MEB was started Feb 09. Package was sent up to Local MTF in DEC 09 with a "refer to IPEB" finding. IPEB results were received 22 May with me appealing the findings 1 Apr 10. My FPEB was scheduled for 31 Jul.
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    Awaiting FPEB results...

    Just got back from San Antonio and am awaiting my FPEB results. Hopefully, I'll have some good info to post here within the hour. Also, If any one has questions about the actual FPEB I'm happy to answer any questions.
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    FPEB Date

    My inital FPEB was cancelled due to a hospitilization. My new date is 24 jun -1 july. Not sure on the exact date that the board will take place.
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    10E6 promtion cycle

    Congrats to everyone that made TSgt! Too bad that we most likely won't get to wear our new stripes.
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    It should take between 1 -3 weeks to get your orders. Once you have them, you then have to out process not less than 45 days and nto more than 90 days. since you got retirement orders coming, you will be eligible to take leave on top of your terminal time.
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    Need Advice from all you back guys!

    I have my own copy of the [MRI[ reports and a CD with all the images. My neurologist read the reports, asked question, performed the basic neuro test, then looked at the images and wasn't sold that the hernitated disc at L5/S1 was making contact with the nerve root. I'm scheduled for an EMG 6...
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    Need Advice from all you back guys!

    **WARNING** long story ahead!!! So, I've had weakness in my left leg since 2005 (first documeneted by flight doc) which has gradually gotten worse. In Nov 2009, I was walking on ND campus from the parking lot to the stadium when my left leg went numb, started getting very weak (visible limp...
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    Email from my PEBLO; need help understanding (Jason please!)

    I think sending it to the VA for ANG is pretty standard. I don't know how it will affect your timeline.
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    Non-Concur with IPEB, searching for attorney

    Jason, the owner/operator of this site, is a good attorney. I've never heard a bad thing about him on this site (and you know someone would post here if they had complaints).
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    FPEB Date

    Just received the date for my Formal Board (20 May 10). Maybe I'll see some of you FPEB guys down there!
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    Letter of exception???/

    Was the letter of exception from your CC? I had a letter of eception from my CC that was directly quoted on my rating received from the board. What branch of service are you in? The AF is downsizing at the moment so the letter of exception was the final nail the IPEB needed to decided not...
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    DES Outrage of the Week # 3 - DoD Uses Fit but Unsuitable Practice to Deny Disability Benefits

    I contacted My congressional rep about this article. I just received this email today: Dear Mr. XXXXXl: Thank you for contacting me regarding the Department of Defense disability evaluation system. I appreciate hearing from you. As you may know, the fiscal year 2008 Defense Authorization bill...
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    Butler or Duke

    Who takes the NC tonight/who do you want to win?
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    Should I go through with MEB or separate early?

    I weighed the pro's and cons. For me to appeal [the IPEB] and wait on taking that good job (at the risk of losing it),was worth it in the long run. A severance check will run out in a given time frame where as a retirement check will be there every month... my .02.
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    November Air force IPEB Packages

    congrats on the PDRL!
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    need advice

    Robs42 makes a lot of good points. Also, if you need to vent send me a PM sometime (I know how stressful this process is/can be).
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    I was hoping this never came up... but it did

    Your PCM has to make a recommendation to the base WarFit monitor (the person that takes the 469 and issues the 422[I might have those forms backwards]). Either way, your PCM is the one to talk to.
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