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  1. Joecool

    Operation War Fighter

    Was wondering if anyone has used Operation War Fighter to intern at other goverment agencies and what your experience was. thanks for any info.
  2. Joecool

    Left shoulder rating?

    So I recieved a copy of my VA C&P notes and wanted to get some ideas on ratings. my predictions (which are based off the bold below) are gonna be DOD 20% med sep. Note: This is only for my refered non- dominant Left Shoulder: Shoulder and Arm Conditions Disability Benefits Questionnaire Name of...
  3. Joecool

    Q: What is difference between Major and Minor.

    In the VASRD what is the difference between Major and Minor. Is Major your dominate and minor your non dominate. in particular i am talking about the Shoulder and arm Schedule for ratings.
  4. Joecool

    8 Yr rule?

    I have read some information about this but i am still confused about it. From what i gather the 8 year rule is that after you serve for 8 years basically all of your conditions become service related. am i correct? If my understanding is correct then my second question is does DEP time...
  5. Joecool

    Okinawa Navy Timeline

    My Overseas IDES request was warranted!!! Now i wait for PCS orders. Current timeline is in the the Signature.
  6. Joecool

    OIDES questions

    hi ive been looking for information on OIDES and cant find anything. so here it goes. i submitted my OIDES package w/ NARSUM and NMA at the beginning of FEB and i am currently waiting results. my question is what is going to happen when i get back state side and how long am i looking at waiting...
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