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    MEB/PEB Question????

    My case was sent to the PEB last week and I discovered after I read the C&P Examiner's Notes and I already concurred with the MEB that a DD FORM 2807-1 Report Of Medical History was not attached with my MEB Packet before I went thru the Separation Assessment Exam at the VA. Now, All of my...
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    RPAM Question?

    I just got finished with the MEB, forwarded everything to the PEB this morning. I have been on Medical Hold since 2010. Since I'm unable to drill since my last Refrad in 2009, My unit admin said that my medical appointments are used in place of drill days and he has been coding me in (N) Status...
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    Am I Entitled to Incap Pay?

    I'm in the Army National Guard and I was Refrad in 2008 and 2009 due to service aggravation of my knees and both doctor's said I needed an Meb/Peb. I have been involuntarily extended for 5 years now and have over 18 good years towards retirement. I'm currently Rated 80% service-connected and...
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