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    CRSC as of 30 July

    On 30 July President Trump signed the legion act, making us in a continual state of war since 7 Dec 1941. Does this mean we are now eligible for CRSC if we were injured in the line of duty?
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    Hi Jason, It's been a long time. I just ran across a guy going TDRL for a Thyroid problem. People need to understand the thyroid is no reason for PEB action. I would like to right an article and post it here. Are you okay with that? I can send it to you if you prefer. Brian
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    Misconduct Separations

    Wonder how many of those kicked out for substance abuse were combat soldiers? Its very common for the military to dump people for substance abuse rather than to admit the troop has a problem and pay the disability.
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    Anyone Near Ft Bliss?

    My Brother and his wife will most likely be moving to the Ft Bliss area in the next month or so. He'll probably be working on Bliss. Anyone in the area willing to show them around and help them find a place to live?
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    On Medicare and Paying Co-pay at VA?

    I am working to get the policy of Vets paying the co-pay out of pocket if their only insurance is medicare. Anyone here in this situation? Feel free to ask this question on other boards too. I need as much data as I can get.
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    Guard and CR

    If a person with their 20 year letter is put through the PDES and put out via Medical Retirement, would he be able to collect CRSC immediately, or would he have to wait until age 60 or 62?
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    Any Bikers in or near Ft Myers FL?

    I pulled a bonehead and committed to buying a HD. I need someone to go by on Monday to check it out for me before I put the check in the mail. PM me if you can do it please.
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    VA Rule Changes for ALS, TBI and Scars

    Got this from VBN and thought I'd pass it along here. I want to preface my remarks by stating that I have not been on the board as regularly as I had been in the past and am unaware what (if any) discussion has already been provided on these topics but based on Cruiser's response to my e-mail...
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    My New Site

    Hi Gang, Been a while since I posted in here. Place sure has grown and looks great. I've created a new site that I thought you all might enjoy. If you check it out and do like it, please pass it along to everyone you know. Vote Them Out Brian
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    Concurrent Receipt

    Folks, I spoke with Congressman Jim Marshall's (sponsor of the bill) office today. HR 333 Disabled Veterans Tax Termination Act is still alive in the new session, but is still stuck in the House Armed Service Committee. His office is asking for OUR help to get this bill out for a vote...
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    Army CRSC Briefing 30 Jan 08

    This is copied from a PowerPoint presentation I received. Legislation Overview • Designed to offset the VA disability compensation subtracted from retired pay • The 2008 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) was signed into law on January 29, 2008. • The NDAA expanded...
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    PEB Tools Suggestions

    Hi Jason, Tools are great. I'd like to suggest putting up the 2008 VA rates since there's so little time left in the month. Also, some instructions on how to use the PEB calculator would be great. Brian
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    New Army Psychiatric Guidance

    In reading through this, a few things stood out. 1. The Army is working very hard to make it difficult for a diagnosis of PTSD. 2. The Army is basing it's ratings on imparement compared to civilian work, vice compared to the ability to perform military duties. In my opinion, both are...
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    Concurrent Receipt

    I have been asked a couple times to explain what concurrent receipt is and how it works. Rather than put it in various threads, I thought I'd put it all in one thread in the General forum for all to see. The purpose of concurrent receipt is to eliminate the dollar for dollar offset retirees...
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    Chapter 61 Retirement and Concurrent Reciept

    I know there is a lot of confusion right now regarding Concurrent Receipt for Chapter 61 retirees. This confusion is caused by the fact there are several bills in the works on the Hill not to mention the Dole-Shalahla report and the VDBC report. So, here's the current bottom line. House...
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    Important - A Must Read

    Folks, When we start talking about MEB/PEB about various injuries we seem to always overlook one huge thing and it is critical that it is attended to. When you receive an injury that is from some form of violence, you could very well develop some level of PTSD. Here's a link to information...
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    Navigating the VA

    For those of you that are either already out of the service or soon to be, here's a site dedicated to helping people navigate the VA. All help and information is free and there are folks who have either worked at the VA at the rating level or currently work there. There is also help for...
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    Board of Corrections

    I've always wondered what advantage there would be for a retiree to get an increase in their DoD disability rating. Can you clear this up for me? I also don't understand why a person with 20 years in would rather go through MEB/PEB process and get Ch61 rather than simply retire on TIS...
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    Severance vs Chapter 61 Retirement

    As a military person one of the most nerve wracking situations we come into is when we can no longer perform our duty as a result of injury or illness. At that point we are faced with going through the MEB/PEB process. While this process is nerve wracking due to the amount of time it takes and...
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    I Can Tough it Out

    We in the military are a different breed than the average person. We are trained well and have a "can do" attitude. We'll go days on minimal sleep and rations, walk for miles and face the enemy without a complaint. The mission is what we live for. When we get injured or sick we tend...
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