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    TDRL came back w/unfavorable lower rating and severance offer

    My husband’s first 18 month TDRL response came today. They dropped his UC rating down to 10% and want to take him off TDRL with severance. What’s mind blowing is that his condition has gotten much worse than it ever was when he was in the Navy. Additionally, it was only reviewed by two...
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    Ratings back from PEB. NOT HAPPY. Appeal is happening.

    We got our UNFIT ratings today. My husband is NOT HAPPY. He is an MMN and has been in this whole limbo process since January 2015. We sent off his PEB packet in February. For ulcerative colitis and UC-related arthritis my husband received 10%, plus a severance for his separation. On the VA...
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    Second claim in historical claims states "notification sent"

    Hi all, We have been waiting since January for an answer regarding my husband's case. We still have not heard if he is fit or unfit, but assuming by the length of time it has taken, we believe he will be unfit. His compensation claim was closed 6/1/16 and updates read "development letter...
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    VA rep says husband is UNFIT! Can we trust that answer at this point?

    Hi all! My husband has been in the LimDu process since Jan. 2015. His two conditions being rated by the DoD are Ulcerative Colitis and UC-related arthritis. Timeline: Pending decision approval and compensation changed on eBene on Jan. 19, 2016 Last C& P exam: Feb. 12, 2016 NARSUM sent off...
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    Which "estimated completion" date should we trust?

    Hi y'all. Like everyone else, we obsessively check the ever-wonky ebenefits. Today, much to our surprise, we had a second claim opened with the status: "preparing for decision" Once I clicked on the link, the below appeared: Status of Your Claim PREPARATION FOR DECISION Submitted: 04/14/2016...
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    Trying to figure out percentages for a total of 23 conditions, please!

    Hi all! Thank you to everyone who always shows support and offers advice in this forum. It is because of you all that others are able to keep their sanity and head in the right direction with their questions. My husband's NARSUM was signed Feb. 22, 2016 for Ulcerative Colitis and UC-related...
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    Could it move any slower?

    My husband has been on limited duty since February 2015 due to ulcerative colitis and UC-related arthritis. He's had two flares while waiting and has taken prednisone for each one. Since the second dose of prednisone and after regularly taking probiotics, he is doing better. He still has regular...
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    Curious about retirement possibility with husband's condition

    Hi all, Sorry if this is not the right place for this. I'm new to the forum. My husband was diagnosed a year ago with Ulcerative Colitis. He was taken off his ship and placed on Limited Duty. He just finished his second round of LD and the doc wants to send his MED board to PEB. He is on a...
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