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    CRSC as of 30 July

    Ron, I tend to agree, but in making special legislation in a hurry so the Legion can boost it’s sagging membership rolls, it sure would be funny if some CH61s benefitted since the Legion does not support us.
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    CRSC as of 30 July

    On 30 July President Trump signed the legion act, making us in a continual state of war since 7 Dec 1941. Does this mean we are now eligible for CRSC if we were injured in the line of duty?
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    Update. After further chats with him, his thyroid was 30% with other conditions brining him to 100% overall.
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    Just joined the Army and I have ulcerative colitis and it's pretty bad. What's going to happen?

    If MEPS cleared him, then it is the Army's responsibility now.
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    Just joined the Army and I have ulcerative colitis and it's pretty bad. What's going to happen?

    Did you have before you joined? If yes, did you tell them during your physical?
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    Good find.
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    Yes it is, and solved with a daily (although giant) pill. Mine is 3 times a day. And simple blood tests. I see no reason for someone to lose $3000.00 per month or more over a simple fix. It is ethical based on circumstances. In this case military vs civilian.
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    I am on both calcium and synthetic thyroid medication. The point is, military is different and there is no reason to end a career over it.
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    Yes they do. Playing lab rat while the Dr's throw various medications and treatments at you as a civilian is fine. In the military the amount of time a person can be of no use to their unit. There is no reason to end a military career for something ad simple as removing an appendix, which how...
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    Essential Tremor Diagnosis

    Are you on any meds for anything else? I had a shrink put me on a med that caused tremors as a side affect.
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    Quick intro for those that don't know me. I am one of the original members of this forum. But I found myself spread to thin by trying to help with MEB/PEB issues, fighting Congress to get CR for ALL retirees, and being a Vet Advocate helping Vets win their claims with both the VA and SSA...
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    Hi Jason, It's been a long time. I just ran across a guy going TDRL for a Thyroid problem. People need to understand the thyroid is no reason for PEB action. I would like to right an article and post it here. Are you okay with that? I can send it to you if you prefer. Brian
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    Misconduct Separations

    Wonder how many of those kicked out for substance abuse were combat soldiers? Its very common for the military to dump people for substance abuse rather than to admit the troop has a problem and pay the disability.
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    Anyone Near Ft Bliss?

    My Brother and his wife will most likely be moving to the Ft Bliss area in the next month or so. He'll probably be working on Bliss. Anyone in the area willing to show them around and help them find a place to live?
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    On Medicare and Paying Co-pay at VA?

    I am working to get the policy of Vets paying the co-pay out of pocket if their only insurance is medicare. Anyone here in this situation? Feel free to ask this question on other boards too. I need as much data as I can get.
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    A forum website for Veterans with PTSD/Mental health conditions

    Jason, Thanks for posting the link. We welcome ALL Vets, spouses, and even active duty personnel. We address VA issues in general as well as the mental health issues. We are a friendly bunch, the majority of which have PTSD. We've all been through the VA claims process and some have been...
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    Guard and CR

    If a person with their 20 year letter is put through the PDES and put out via Medical Retirement, would he be able to collect CRSC immediately, or would he have to wait until age 60 or 62?
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    Never had a TDRL re-exam, but it should be the same as your exam that got you on TDRL in the...

    Never had a TDRL re-exam, but it should be the same as your exam that got you on TDRL in the first place. If the condition(s) has stabilized or gotten worse, make damn sure you let them know. You definitely don't want them to think you have gotten better unless it is better to the point where...
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    Any Bikers in or near Ft Myers FL?

    I pulled a bonehead and committed to buying a HD. I need someone to go by on Monday to check it out for me before I put the check in the mail. PM me if you can do it please.
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    Medical Retirement Help Needed ASAP

    Jason gave you good info. Here's the break down for you. Based on what you've written your wife will be Permant Disability Retired (PDRL not PDIU) from the military. She will be given a choise between a retirement of 2.5% x yrs of service x base pay or a % disability retirement. The...
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