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    AF rated me @ 10%; VA @ 30%

    I just got my Va rating back (only took 9 months to complete) as was baffled that the Va rated my MDD @ 30% when the AF rated it @ 10%. I only presented the VA with my medical records and did a short interview. I'm wondering why the difference in ratings, since the VA and military use the...
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    Awaiting FPEB results...

    Just got back from San Antonio and am awaiting my FPEB results. Hopefully, I'll have some good info to post here within the hour. Also, If any one has questions about the actual FPEB I'm happy to answer any questions.
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    10E6 promtion cycle

    Congrats to everyone that made TSgt! Too bad that we most likely won't get to wear our new stripes.
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    Need Advice from all you back guys!

    **WARNING** long story ahead!!! So, I've had weakness in my left leg since 2005 (first documeneted by flight doc) which has gradually gotten worse. In Nov 2009, I was walking on ND campus from the parking lot to the stadium when my left leg went numb, started getting very weak (visible limp...
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    FPEB Date

    Just received the date for my Formal Board (20 May 10). Maybe I'll see some of you FPEB guys down there!
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    Butler or Duke

    Who takes the NC tonight/who do you want to win?
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    New AF PT standards with AC testing only

    ****Need PTL/UFPM verification on this**** Am I correct in assuming the following: Relief comes on 1 july for the people on profile when a 37.5 AC is required to get a 75.5 score/Passing score (Correct me if I'm wrong but, you take your score and divide it by the total points attainable and...
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    Guillean-Barre Syndrome questions

    Hell all, I just got back from my doctor's appointment to discuss the results of my sleep apnea. I was initially told that I was diagnosed with sleeap apnea and approved to get the corrective surgery. However, I was then dropped a huge bomb. I've been having assorted problems with my...
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    Bouncing off the walls!

    As the title says, I'm currently going nuts with anticipation! I've set small time goals to keep my mind focusing on something i.e. make it to my birthday (28 Jan), make it until the superbowl. Since I don't care about Valentine's day I'm again concentrating on the results. What makes it...
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    Sciatic Nerve Damage

    I'm awaiting the results for my IPEB (56 days and couting). About 2 week ago I went to the doc complaining of severe pain radiating from my lower back down to my heel accompanied with numbness/tingling. I originally sought help for this back in 2005. The flight doc did a few tests and...
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    Question about Mental Disorder due to Traumatic stress

    I was diagnosed with Major Depressive disorder after I returned to Iraq. However the onset of the only depressive epsidoe started in Iraq and continued thru my return. I was working the front gate of the FOB (with SFS) in Kirkuk when the depression started. Needless to say there were plenty of...
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