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  1. Fil12085

    Ratings In!!

    I just got the call yesterday, 70DOD/100VA TDRL. I am surprised this is done already. I have 10 days to accept. I meet with Legal on the 4th, sign and accept and choose a retirement date I think. I thought I had another 2 months at least to be at this point.
  2. Fil12085

    Possible outcomes?

    So I have nerve damage from Chemotherapy, it affects my hands and feet. Its called Chemo-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy(CIPN). I went to my C&P exams and the doctor marked my strength in my feet and hands as 4/5 or 3/5. They noted instability and when it came to how my extremities were affected...
  3. Fil12085

    My Timeline (WRNMMC) and TIPS as I go to make your time go quicker hopefully

    I am going to try and update this as much as possible, if anyone else is on the same timeline let me know and if anyone has any questions feel free to ask and I will try to provide the clearest answer. This is my signature with tips i learned as I went. If MEB is about to be triggered, take any...
  4. Fil12085

    Phone Conference with PEBLO...Any advice

    I have my initial conference call with my PEBLO on Wednesday and I am not sure if there is anything I should do, ask, plan for... My NMA is already being routed by my CoC, I just want to be fully prepared for this.
  5. Fil12085

    Just informed i will go to MEB, now what?

    Hello, Today my PCM started the MEB paperwork, I filled out some paperwork with the Navy HM1 and he sent me a Non Medical Assessment(NMA) in an email that is to be routed up to my CO. i know i will be assigned a PEBLO and then get scheduled for C&P exams but i have some questions if anyone can...
  6. Fil12085

    when do i get referral to MEB?

    I am on my 2nd LIMDU after getting cancer last year. beat cancer but now have nerve damage which prevents me from using my hands well, walking right, and driving. my 2nd limdu ends July 27th, but i just got waived from my 3rd PRT in a row. I love the navy but i am going nuts waiting for my...
  7. Fil12085

    New Member- Will I get any disability??

    Hi, I am 6yrs active, I was diagnosed and beat abdominal cancer this past year and have bad side effects from chemo. My cancer is gone with little chance it will come back, but the damage from the chemo is not looking like its going to get much better. Does anyone know if they will give me...
  8. Fil12085

    Chemo-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy(CIPN) Ratings??

    I have peripheral neuropathy of the hands and lower legs/feet. I have pain in all areas, I'm able to walk, but i have to be careful because i am very unstable. if i don't feel pain than i don't feel anything. i have motor control but i can't feel what I'm doing. i can't drive, write, and my...
  9. Fil12085

    Help, No MEB yet but trying to be prepared

    I am a PO2, 6yrs, fought and beat abdominal cancer but have nerve damage from chemo. I have missed 3 PRTs. first from surgery after finding cancer, 2nd because i was going through chemo, 3rd because you are not allowed to take PRT until at least 6 months after Chemo. July is when my 2nd Limdu...
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