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    NMCP (Navy-Norfolk) Timeline

    Thought I would share my timeline with the group. This is definitely an exercise in patience. 23MAR18 - Start first LIMDU period (Major Depressive Disorder - MDD) 06SEP18 - Fit for duty 09NOV18 - Start Second LIMDU period (MDD) 20FEB19 - Referred to PEB 20MAR19 - QTC Appointment (Hearing)...
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    Chances of Fit Finding at PEB - Navy

    I am currently on a second LIMDU period for Major Depressive Disorder. I have been dealing with this off and on over the last 8 years. I had a Suicide Attempt in 2015 followed by inpatient treatment, a year of psychotherapy and meds. After the year was up, I PCSed (summer 2016). About 10-12...
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