100% p&t

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    MEB/PEB Guidance

    Seeking anyone with recent experience with the MEB/PEB? I'm just in the beginning stages I guess. I'm starting with a Profile and go from there. I've completed all C&P exams on the VA side following my deployment that resulted in being rated 100 P&T. I have ALL of my exam notes from the C&Ps...
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    Army Reserve 100% P&T (Medical Board Overview)

    Hello all, just some background on myself. I've been in the Army Reserve for 6.5 years as a Heavy Equipment Operator with one deploymen. I have approximately 1.5 left on my 8 year contract, with NO plans to reenlist. I'm afraid that been rated by the VA at 100 P&T, I will be seen as medically...
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    100% P&T with deferred claims

    Good afternoon, I was recently medically retired and placed on the TDRL with a VA rating of 100% P&T. I had two deferred claims for scars from surgeries. I got a call from QTC today to schedule an exam for the scars. How does moving forward with this claim process affect my P&T rating? I am in...
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