1. K

    Looking for help

    Good Evening, So looking for some help or any assistance. A little background I have been in for 13 years now. My back pain began about 2 years ago. I have done Physical Therapy and have had MRI done. The results then were 2 discs bulging L3 and L4, spinal canal narrowing, and degenerative...
  2. J

    FPEB withholds adjudication until further MH assesment

    I recently had my FPEB via conference call. The va diagnosed me with adjustment disorder and gave me 30% for it . The Only MH dx the AF boarded me for was hypersomnia, they claimed it was not currently unfitting because it was controlled by meds, which it is not. My appeal stated that the...
  3. A

    Child Care Assistance

    I may end up in a situation where I end up taking custody of a child in my family while I go to college. Since I'm not a parent, I'm unfamiliar with potential veteran child care resources (if there are any). Can anyone show me any information about childcare resources for disabled veterans? Thanks!
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