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    IRILO process

    Good morning, Active duty AF, very fit and avid runner, returned home from deployment a little over a year ago and now can't go up stairs without inhaler. I've been on a profile for over a year and my PCM informed me that I was now a code 37 because of an "asthma" diagnosis (still not sure its...
  2. Provis

    Bronchial Asthma 2023-12-09

    Purpose: To provide general information for Soldiers who have been diagnosed withBronchial Asthma and are going through the Army Integrated Disability EvaluationSystem (IDES) process.
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    MEB For Asthma

    Hello! I’m currently going through a MEB. I’m Air Force. I just recently got a nebulizer to help with my asthma attacks. I wouldn’t call my asthma “controlled” yet. Does anyone know if the AF will decide not to retain me? Or what are the chances? I’m currently on breo ellipta daily, singulair...
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    What test will the MEB board go off of for my asthma?

    Sorry if this has been asked often, I'm not too good at browsing forums. Today I took my PFT pre/post inhaler use. One was 34% while the post was 52%. Flight doctor referred me to a specialist and mentioned a likely MEB. He also prescribed me a Flovent to replace my Albuterol. My question is...
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    Asthma profile/ waiver

    I was diagnosed with asthma in 2020 and have been seeing an pulmonologist since. I am on Flovent dikus 500/50 and albuterol and just found out that I should be on a permanent profile. I have a note from my pulmonologist saying that I should not be running or wearing any respirators or gas mask...
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    What's considered a daily Bronchodilator therapy?

    Based on: FEV-1 of 56- to 70-percent predicted, or; FEV-1/FVC of 56 to 70 percent, or; daily inhalational or oral bronchodilator therapy, or; inhalational anti-inflammatory medication. 30% Is Singulair considered a daily bronchodilator if taken daily?
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    CRSC Burn Pits

    I deployed to Ali Air Base, Iraq in 2006. I would sometimes work in close proximity to the burn pit. I started having respiratory issues after this deployment and was diagnosed with asthma in 2015. After I was med boarded I applied for CRSC for my asthma rated at 30% in 2018. It was denied. The...
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    Moderate-Severe Persistent Asthma, LIMDU/MEB questions

    Hey everyone! I’ve found a ton of good stuff on here by searching around but I still have a few questions on what’s to come… To start off here is some background information, I am a Corpsman with an operational unit who is not married. I just recently moved to LIMDU status after battling a...
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    Unfitting conditions and DOD ratings for Navy PEB

    Have any Navy members here been referred for any of the following unfitting conditions (and if so, what was your final outcome with DOD rating): -Chronic Urticaria (Xolair prescribed) -Asthma (daily use of inhaler) -Chronic insomnia (prescription) -Hashimoto Thyroiditis -Chronic Anemia...
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    Aircrew Waiver Guide Question: Asthma

    Hi all, I have a question regarding aircrew waivers. I am at a standstill and my flight docs are not helpful, so I figured I’ll ask the group. I have asthma and allergies and I currently and taking immunotherapy for my allergies. I also am taking advair and albuterol for my asthma: diagnosed...
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    Fibromyalgia AF Timeline

    I am an AD AF individual with a little over 3 years service. Long backstory to all of medical information, but I was on a profile for over 2 years due to an injury that happened on duty. Originally, I was being MEB'd for this by the DAWG, but they changed my MEB to be for my diagnosis of...
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    Likely meb coming up, need advise

    I am likely to be facing another meb soon (rtd last time with c-2). Basic info: Upper respiratory issue, can't run, use inhalers. First meb, I was only rated on the condition that prevented me from running. Have been on walk profile since. In addition to the rated condition, the more serious...
  13. A

    Shaw AFB/Fort Gordon Timeline

    07NOV19: Unit PA changed permanent profile for asthma from P2 to P3. 12NOV19: P3 profile received second signature. 13NOV19: MEB was initiated with referred condition of asthma. Met with PEBLO on Fort Jackson. 19NOV19: Conducted telephonic Pre-legal brief. 20NOV19: Received VA brief on...
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    MEB process started for asthma

    I just had an MEB initiated for asthma. I am at over 15 years and feel like I am about to be completely railroaded as I think they will only bring me back at 10%, screwing me out of retirement and leaving me jobless at the upper end of my thirties. Some background - My PCM thought I may have...
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    IPEB Recommended TDRL For 60% Rated Asthma

    Hi, I recently went through an MEB in the Air Force and was found unfit for duty and recommended for TDRL with 60% rating for asthma. I was really hoping it would be PDRL and my PEBLO seemed shocked as well that it wasn’t. I requested a Formal Board in order to change it from TDRL to PDRL. Do I...
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    MEB at 12 years in. Multiple issues on RILO. Please advise!

    Good Evening Team, I had two questions. My RILO just was submitted to AFPC with following conditions: Asthma, bi-lateral labral tears of hip w/necrosis of femoral head and bilateral knee issues on the package. First: should i be worried for a separation with the new guidance from secdef on...
  17. D

    Respitory Conditions (Asthma and Sleep Apnea)

    Good Day everyone, just completed my Initial RILO with my PEBLO. Explained I was 100% ok with Full MEB. Asthma Diagnosis FEV1/FVC: 45% Sleep Apnea Diagnosis w/ CPAP: AHI: 16.2 Commanders Intent and Supervision are on board with Full MEB due to frequently being sent home, medical...
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    All, So I have been stalking these forums for a bit now, and I wanted to share my personally story and timeline because honestly I have no idea how the heck I got here: April 2011- Enlisted, was AD SF for 2 years before getting DQ'd from AFSC because my CC did not think that my "anxiety"...
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    Can someone give me some insight

    Hello all, I'm AD in the AF currently and I have been undergoing the beginning stages of my MEB. I won't bore everyone with all the details and because my PEBLO doesn't really tell me shit, but from what I understand I am undergoing a dual medboard for both narcolepsy (no cataplexy, but also...
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    Asthma Current Ratings?

    I have been doing some research and discovered that if the AF doesn't come back with 30%, my family will be without benefits. Asthma is the reason that my husband was sent to the PEB. There are about 12 other conditions that the VA will look over, but the AF will only care about the one...