1. L

    BCMR/Federal courts assistance (Adjustment Disorder w 70% combat PTSD rating)

    Hi all, I am a new member to this forum. I joined the Navy June 1, 2000 and was discharged Honorably August 20, 2015. I deployed to Baghdad, Iraq in 2007 where I was the transportation duty driver/travel liaison my job responsibility including picking up newly reporting personnel...
  2. N

    Back: Did you get separate rating for Herniated Disk and Osteoarthritis?

    Hello. I am trying to find anyone who received a separate rating for a herniated disk at one location (say L5-A1) and a separate rating for osteoarthritis or arthritis at another disk location (say L3-4). Today I came across a PDBR review that had these separate ratings. I was astounded...
  3. N

    ABCMR: Send complete military medical records?

    Hello. When applying for the ABCMR, do you send them your complete medical records? Or just the pages that is your evidence? Thank you.
  4. V

    BCMR Process... any help & input appreciated

    I wanted to say hello to everyone. Unlike many on this forum, I’m the husband of a veteran. My wife was a victim of MST when she served in the Air Force back in the late 1980’s. And like many female service members, she was pretty much railroaded out of the Air Force by being given a diagnosis...
  5. S

    ETS Before MEB Completed

    I received my Cfile and saw that my ortho doctor made this note on Feb. 9, 1990: "MEB done, see accompanying SF600." There is also a note on DA Form 5008 from the same ortho doctor dated March 1, 1990 stating, "Call in regards to MEB paperwork." I also have a letter from my OBGYN Dr. dated March...
  6. Z

    BCMR Question

    Thank you to all who take time to answer questions on this forum. Unfortunately, I just found this site last week otherwise I may have done a few things differently before. I just received my proposed ratings this week and they were DOD 20/VA 40. The DOD rating was for bilateral ankle tendonitis...
  7. S

    Changing from Honorable to Medically Retired

    Good Evening, This may be the wrong forum, but I could not find one that really fit my question. I attempted to go through the MEB process in 2013 prior to separation from the Army in 2014. I was away from an Army base and seeing Air Force physicians. My PCM recommended me for the MEB, but I...
  8. eps17

    AFBCMR - Can you file more than just one at a time?

    I have a decoration issue along with an PEB finding issue. They are both separate issues unrelated to one another. Can I file two individual AFBCMR requests and have them treated separately? Or will the AFBCMR only handle one request at a time? I don't want the two issues to be processed...
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