1. H

    Help Chapter 18 threats

    I am currently stationed at FT Gordon. I sustained an injury to my back 2 years ago and I have been on and off profile for that whole time. 9 months ago I was put on the ABCP program. I maintained losing weight until may when I was in a car crash that made my back significantly worse. I then...
  2. G

    Bar of Continued Service vs MEB

    Hello I'm SPC Trent. This is my first thread so if I posted in the wrong section please correct me! I'm going through an MEB and Bar to continued Service right now. The bar was initiated for multiple counseling indicating disrespect to Non-Commission Officer( True) and "intentionally turning off...
  3. N

    Newbie here. Meb questions.

    I’m new to this site. Looking for some information. Story: I’ve been in the army 3 and a half years. After 2 separate events happened to me on duty I was diagnosed with major depression disorder,generalized anxiety disorder and ptsd. I’ve been going to behavioral health for 7 months and soon...
  4. P

    Does MEB overrule chapter?

    My husband is not the greatest soilder.. he has had a history or misconduct, including three article 15. The most recent two are due to things he has done while under the influence, however it was an undetectable substance. He is in the process of MEB, we are just waiting on his percentages...
  5. M

    Chapter 14 while waiting for Letter of Release

    So I've been in this medical board for over 595 days since I had to go through it twice. I got all the way down to waiting on my letter of release when I just couldn't take waiting anymore. Long story short, I'm awaiting a field grade article 15 for larceny at aafes for $45. Now I really just...
  6. S


    New at this so I will cut to the chase and state facts so bare with me. I am 33 y/o and active duty Army since June of 2001. Did 3 tours to Iraq to include the invasion and two others after. I did all three tours with 3 ID out of Fort Stewart, Ga. I spent my first 9 years in one spot and in the...
  7. B

    Med board for Adjustment Disorder w/ Depression & Anxiety

    I'm 22, Female, Active Duty, SPC w/ 3 yrs and counting. Been dealing with severe anxiety and have been in treatment for a year now. I've been on 11 different meds to include: anti-depressants, anti-anxiety, and sleep meds (ambien). Seen numerous counselors, chaplains, psychologists, and a few...
  8. D

    Needing Guidance on a complex situation

    Hello all, So I'm seeking some guidance on a complex situation I'm having. So the quick run down, I've been in the army for 5.5 years, a couple of years ago in Afghanistan I began having issues with my knee. It wasn't dealt with because I was on a small FOB. Now 3 years later my knee is in...
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