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    POST IFPEB questions

    Hello all, I am an active duty Army SGT with 11 years TIS. Today I met with my PEBLO to go over my proposed ratings. They are as follows: DOD: 50% and PDRL (has v1, and v3 combat codes, not sure what this means) VA: 70% Combined: 90% PEBLO didn't do an extravagant job of explaining...
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    CRSC..worth a shot

    I recently medically retired due to PTSD. To make a long story short, In the process of watching TCN's on my base in a combat zone, one of the TCN's started to get hostile and used a drill to try and pin me against the wall and cause harm. I talked my way out of the situation and managed to...
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    Sleep Apnea and Field Duty

    I am a staff sergeant with about 12 years TIS and I was just diagnosed with moderate obstructive sleep apnea last week. A year or two ago I was diagnosed with chronic non-allergic rhinitis as well. I am a 13B by trade and after I completed my recruiting tour I attempted to reclass to 35P. I...
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