disability rating

  1. Bull

    PEB Findings

    My husband was medically retired on 01/2014 with a permanent physical disability and a rating of 50%. My husband occurred a back injury while deployed for Operation Iraqi Freedom . He was injured while carrying a 50 Cal, wearing his Kevlar and helmet. This injury also caused him to have...
  2. I

    Grave injustice that’s needs to be righted

    I sit here right now, not just as a veteran myself but the wife of an infantry soldier that has been done so wrong, i physically shake as i type this. Husband is on active duty 4 years, infantry soldier, Korea, Iraq for 15 months. Demobs from Iraq and he clearly has seen some very bad things...
  3. A

    Migraine and VA 4138 ?

    So I am in the IDES process and recently received my C&P results back, which for my referred condition (migraine) is completely wrong. Results are: Does veteran have characteristic prostrating attacks of migraines - YES If yes, frequency - WITH LESS FREQUNT ATTACKS Does veteran have very...
  4. P

    Will my PTSD count on the army side?

    BackRound info first. Was command referred to EBH after some shit went down on my second deployment in 2013. Saw EBH for 7 months until I PCS’d. Went 3 years without seeing them. Started going back in January of 2016 for PTSD related problems. I have been on a profile for over a year and been...
  5. Q

    PDBR with 100% Disability

    Hello all, I was discharged in 2008 with type 1 diabetes and was only given a 20% disability rating from the Navy. Now after 9 years, I am 100% disabled with the VA. Would applying for the PDBR make any difference? Any advice is welcome, thanks. Quinten
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