disability rating

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    PDBR Should we try? Advice/help needed- At a loss

    Hello everyone, We are trying to decide if we should try the PDBR. All the info we have read can be overwhelming. Being completely honest we were young and didn’t know anything when my husband received his medical discharge and now we are seeing if we can get some better results. Backstory...
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    PEB Findings

    My husband was medically retired on 01/2014 with a permanent physical disability and a rating of 50%. My husband occurred a back injury while deployed for Operation Iraqi Freedom . He was injured while carrying a 50 Cal, wearing his Kevlar and helmet. This injury also caused him to have...
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    Grave injustice that’s needs to be righted

    I sit here right now, not just as a veteran myself but the wife of an infantry soldier that has been done so wrong, i physically shake as i type this. Husband is on active duty 4 years, infantry soldier, Korea, Iraq for 15 months. Demobs from Iraq and he clearly has seen some very bad things...
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    Migraine and VA 4138 ?

    So I am in the IDES process and recently received my C&P results back, which for my referred condition (migraine) is completely wrong. Results are: Does veteran have characteristic prostrating attacks of migraines - YES If yes, frequency - WITH LESS FREQUNT ATTACKS Does veteran have very...
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    Will my PTSD count on the army side?

    BackRound info first. Was command referred to EBH after some shit went down on my second deployment in 2013. Saw EBH for 7 months until I PCS’d. Went 3 years without seeing them. Started going back in January of 2016 for PTSD related problems. I have been on a profile for over a year and been...
  6. Q

    PDBR with 100% Disability

    Hello all, I was discharged in 2008 with type 1 diabetes and was only given a 20% disability rating from the Navy. Now after 9 years, I am 100% disabled with the VA. Would applying for the PDBR make any difference? Any advice is welcome, thanks. Quinten
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