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    Left Ankle Condition

    I have been found unfit for my left ankle and left lower leg (rated 10% each) as of my proposed VA ratings. My left ankle dorsiflexion is 0-5 degrees and they only rated it 10%. Was wondering if anyone has any insight as to whether that is accurate or should it be 20%? Wanted to see if I should...
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    PEB Found Fit for PTSD

    Good morning everyone, I was recently found fit for PTSD but it is basically a 50% rating alone based on the VA C&P Exam. I have two other conditions that rendered me unfit (left ankle and left leg). I expect those two ratings combined to be 20% or less. If I were to be found unfit for the PTSD...
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    Migraine and VA 4138 ?

    So I am in the IDES process and recently received my C&P results back, which for my referred condition (migraine) is completely wrong. Results are: Does veteran have characteristic prostrating attacks of migraines - YES If yes, frequency - WITH LESS FREQUNT ATTACKS Does veteran have very...
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    Will my PTSD count on the army side?

    BackRound info first. Was command referred to EBH after some shit went down on my second deployment in 2013. Saw EBH for 7 months until I PCS’d. Went 3 years without seeing them. Started going back in January of 2016 for PTSD related problems. I have been on a profile for over a year and been...
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    DOD/VA disability

    I'm E5 starting MED Board in November for back (injury while deployed) and knee. I hit my 8 year mark in January. I understand at the end of the process I will receive a DOD and a VA rating for my conditions. It has been almost 7 months since my back surgery and I have been released from...
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    DoD Unfit Ratings

    I have been referred to a MEDBOARD for a bilateral Shoulder Injury, and just had my general medical exam yesterday. I keep getting varied information on what the DoD will take into account when deeming the long list of conditions I am claiming as a disqualifying or unfit condition. Some have...
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    What is the difference between VA rating and DoD rating?

    Hello everyone, my name is Joe and I hope someone can clear a couple things up...please forgive me for my ignorance. I am AD USAF and I have been serving for 18 years and 6 months now. My MEB started on Nov 2016 and I received my proposed rating from the VA at 90% and DoD at 50% (Permanent...
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