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    update MEB or ETS

    So, here is an update. A fast run down of what happened previously. Start complaining about back in 2015. Went on temporary profile in 2016 and had been on it til sept 2018. Had spinal fusion surgery may 24 2018. Sept 2018 temporary profile turned into a p2 profile but alot of the boxes that...
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    HELP!! ETS or fight for MEB

    Current issues: Lower back pain, mild sleep apnea, and I go to behavioral health. I have been in 7 1/2 yrs 1 deployment 3 duty stations I have been fighting about my lower back now since 2016. At first it was the normal back pain like a pulled muscle or something. Gradually it continue...
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    Medically retired date will be March 26th . Any ideas of when i can expect my final pay from the army and sold leave days?
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    ETS Before MEB Completed

    I received my Cfile and saw that my ortho doctor made this note on Feb. 9, 1990: "MEB done, see accompanying SF600." There is also a note on DA Form 5008 from the same ortho doctor dated March 1, 1990 stating, "Call in regards to MEB paperwork." I also have a letter from my OBGYN Dr. dated March...
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    MEBs 2 months before ETS?...

    Hi Everyone, I'm just trying to get some information for my own understanding. I'm not quite sure how to work this forum and start a new thread, so I hope I'm doing this right. My husband's ETS date is in the beginning of May of this year. There is talk of his PCM possibly getting the MEB...
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