1. S

    How do additional disabilities get added to PEB

    So I am more than likely going to be referred to a PEB here soon for chronic migraines. With that said, it looks like if my case gets sent to a PEB they will evaluate more than just what I’m being boarded for. Is this correct? I also have sleep apnea (with CPAP), depression, and anxiety. What is...
  2. B

    Terrible NMA...Found Fit Beacause of it

    Hello everyone. I am new to this page but I have been reading a ton of the threads. I am in a difficult spot right now. I went through the informal board and they found me fit for duty because of the NMA the command submitted. I have severe Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Fibromyalgia and I...
  3. W

    Chances of Staying in Navy on Humira with Psoriasis

    Hello Everyone, A little about myself. I am an active duty E6 in the Navy and been in a little over 7 years. I was diagnosed with psoriasis in Mar 2016 at the Naval Hospital and prescribed Otezla with cleared my psoriasis up about 80 percent. I currently am on recruiting duty now and only go...
  4. NavyVeteran

    Was found FIT today. What to do?

    I was placed on TDRL for previously for a Hyperactive bladder with an implant (like a pacemaker). Today came the findings saying I am fit because my condition is stable and my pacemaker is controlling my bladder. I was only found unfit for that at 60%. Now they are going all the way to FIT? That...
  5. B

    IPEB timeline for fit/unfit finding

    My packet was sent to the IPEB on 27JAN and still no answer on fit/unfit determination. How long has it been taking others out there to get their notification? Thanks.
  6. B

    IDES dashboard status

    My expected step just moved to VA ratings step. Doe this mean I was found unfit? No data under IPEB step.
  7. V

    IPEB questions?

    So my case was submitted to IPEB on 28SEP2016 and I finally just called the VA and they said my case was recieved 08NOV2016 and I called again today and they have my proposed ratings that were completed 17NOV2016. They wouldn't tell me what my ratings are. From what I read if you make it to the...
  8. J

    Best Guess on outcome?

    First off, I want to thank everyone here I have been going through the post and trying to get a handle on this whole thing and you guys are amazing with the information that you provide. Background Info: SSgt USMC 12.5 years Active Duty Cyber Networking Chief Injured shoulder on my dominate...
  9. D

    Can anyone help me with my C&P and NARSUM reports?

    I've had my reports for a while, and I have a ton of questions. I've posted in this forum twice with no response, and I'm really just needing some help. I can provide any information that may be needed.
  10. rajeev2liz

    NARSUM Today

    Hello all, I just got my NARSUM today with 3 unfitting conditon PTSD, Sleep Disorder and Herniated Disc my question is when this goes to the PEB for review do they only look at the NARSUM only to make there decsion since from my understanding its a summary for my medical record or would they...
  11. N

    Second claim in historical claims states "notification sent"

    Hi all, We have been waiting since January for an answer regarding my husband's case. We still have not heard if he is fit or unfit, but assuming by the length of time it has taken, we believe he will be unfit. His compensation claim was closed 6/1/16 and updates read "development letter...
  12. T

    Need Guidance Sketchy Providers

    I will try to condense this in hopes someone will have some guidance. I just started my IDES/MEB process, after several attempts from my providers and specialist to diagnose me one came up with hypermobility disorder. I say providers because I had to request a change from my previous one for...
  13. T

    Found FIT for Narcolepsy with Cataplexy.

    I am active duty Navy and I was found FIT by the MED board for narcolepsy with cataplexy. I thought this decision seemed wrong, because I take Xyrem and Adderall. I am a Fire Controlman so, we have a very sea duty heavy rate and my medicine keeps me from being on sea duty. The JAG I spoke to...
  14. A

    Appealing VA Ratings Found "Fit" by DoD

    So I've been doing some reading, and so I understand that I'm allowed to file reviews/appeals for the Unfitting Ratings after I get the DA 199 back. This scenario is for a non MEB referral condition. What I'm trying to figure out is this: If I have something that's found "Fit," but the VA gave...
  15. H

    Corpsman (Medical) found fit???

    My PEB came back Fit for Continued Active Service with assignments to Military hospitals. Ive been hearing from a lot of folks, Drs, Legal, PEBLOs, other service members, etc... that Corpsmen the vast majority of the time (talking 90%+) are found fit with assignments to a Hospital. Has any one...
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