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    MEB at 12 years in. Multiple issues on RILO. Please advise!

    Good Evening Team, I had two questions. My RILO just was submitted to AFPC with following conditions: Asthma, bi-lateral labral tears of hip w/necrosis of femoral head and bilateral knee issues on the package. First: should i be worried for a separation with the new guidance from secdef on...
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    Range of Motion Question!!

    I just received my C & P exam report and was hoping someone could help me out! I am getting boarded for bilateral hip strain and my range of motion was marked as Normal, however, the doc marked that pain was noted but did not cause functional lose. He said during the exam that I was limited in...
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    Thank you!

    Just wanted to thank the creators and everyone on this forum. It has helped me tremendously! I have been very patient and positive doing my MEB process, and everything worked out better than I could imagine. I currently have a VA rating of 100% and DOD rating of 80% PDRL. I am very happy to be...
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    MEB denied for lack of objective findings

    Hi there, TL;DR: MEB denied because of no objective findings when i have an MRI that shows a labral tear in my hip, hip pain and locking/ clicking. cant run, walk too fast/far, bike, or do situps. 2 years of issues with physical therapy, steroids, PRP injection, and not a candidate for surgery...
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    Bilateral IT band surgery, Arthritis, Hip Pain. Help!

    Okay, so this is my first post but I am currently in the MEB/IDES program. I have already had my C&P exams and my entire MEB package is up at AFPC/VA. I have had bilateral IT band syndrome for 4 1/2 years as well as surgery on each leg which failed. I limp everywhere and I have constant, chronic...
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