hip pain

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    OIDES (Overseas) IDES Timeline

    I would like to start by thanking everyone who has taken their time to post on the PEBForum because I’ve been reading it every day for some time now, and I’ve received so much invaluable information. I am just now getting started with the Overseas IDES process in Japan. About Me: Navy E-5 w/ 10...
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    TMD and right hip pain

    I am completely new to the forums. I apologize if I am posting this in a wrong forum. I am an active duty sergeant in the army. I am an airborne as well. I have been assigned to an airborne unit the whole time. I have been in for 5 years now. for the past two years, I have been having health...
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    Nearing maximum temp profile limit

    Hey guys this is my first time posting but I need some input. I'm AD Army and I've been injured pretty much my whole TIS. Here's the timeline BCT:Nov 2015-March 2016 I slipped on ice and injured my groin. At least I thought it was my groin. Bone scan showed no abnormalities. Later received a...
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