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knee pain

  1. X

    Fear Of Pain

    Hello I did an eval with physical therapy and every movement we did I had back pain. The MRI shows that a bulging disc that is hitting a nerve and this is what the physical therapist said, “Ptn with extremely high fear avoidance of motion and unable to identify any structural components as ptn...
  2. B

    How do secondary conditions work during MEB?

    When claiming all VA conditions, how are claims secondary to your condition with no documentation of that hurting get evaluated? For example, you tear your right knee and right ankle have surgeries on both. You now have back issues and pain in your left knee that you believe your right knee...
  3. U

    MEB at 12 years in. Multiple issues on RILO. Please advise!

    Good Evening Team, I had two questions. My RILO just was submitted to AFPC with following conditions: Asthma, bi-lateral labral tears of hip w/necrosis of femoral head and bilateral knee issues on the package. First: should i be worried for a separation with the new guidance from secdef on...
  4. F

    MEB for Right Knee (ARMY)

    I just received my first email to start my MEB. My profile is on my right knee but I have other issues going on that may call for an MEB as well (see below). I am curious if those items will be put in the system to be looked at when they decide whether I am fit or unfit for duty. Also, if it...
  5. 138MISFIT

    My timeline

    SEP 9th 2017: package was sent off to the PEB. NOV 19th 2017: VA has claim, but has not rated. My question is how do I check to see where my package is at currently in the PEB process. I've seen the number on this site to check on it's process but that number doesn't seem to work and only gots...
  6. H

    Timeline for right knee MEB

    IDES Dashboard Timeline Referral- 07/31/17 VA Claims- 08/03/17 Medical Exams- 08/18/17 Medical Evaluation Board- I've heard this is quick, hopefully it keeps up! Heard someone got VA and PEB ratings in a month.
  7. J


    Hello everyone, I am new to this entire MEB thing but basically I got referred by my PCM for "Chronic left knee pain" when in all reality I had surgery this February for a patellar realignment due to recurrent dislocation of my patella, the dislocation has slowed down but is still there. my...
  8. S

    Knee surgery and ratings?

    Shortly after I joined I fell from a wall. Resulting in me having a complete fracture of femoral condyle. I had immediate surgery and 9months of therapy. I also had a second surgery to remove screws. The knee was fine but now hurts constantly and gets inflamed easily. Thinking of seeing a doc...
  9. N

    Don't know what to do anymore..

    First let me say that all my life I wanted to be in the Army and I finally achieved my dream last march. I was planning on doing the green to gold program then finishing my 20 as an officer. Unfortunately during Basic life decided to throw a wrench in my plans. While being "smoked" (we were...
  10. N

    Total meniscectomy, what can I do?

    Hi everyone, I am new to this forum. Thanks all the experience sharing. I injured my left knee during one training. ACL completely ruptured and medial meniscus complex fractured. The doc fixed my ACL but couldn't fix the meniscus, so I ended up with 90% (if not more) of my medial meniscus been...
  11. H

    What will happen?

    Hello, I have a question regarding a knee injury. Been dealing with it for 7-8 months. Pain and instability can be severe. MRI showed showed trauma so my case was sent to ortho, however it was rejected because there was no PT or steroid shots done beforehand. The PA pushed it back through and...