1. C

    Leave Days?

    I just got a phone call today telling me to come sign for my ratings tomorrow. How fast do you get orders to EAS? And how long do you normally have to check-out/take terminal/PTAD?
  2. A

    MEB, Leave, and Moving On

    First, let me say Thank You to everyone of this forum offering advice. I'm an Air Force O-4 with 11 yrs AD time. I was planning to separate in Nov 2018, join the IRR, and go to grad school. After grad school, I would resume life as a TR or IMA in the Reserves. When I went in to see my PCM...
  3. B

    PEBLO just tried to call me?!

    My PEBLO just tried to call me while I'm on my transition leave. I get out officially in 6 weeks but I already out processed and got my DD214. What could she possibly want?
  4. S

    Travel Pay

    I've been on terminal leave since beginning of December and did a DITY move. I have only received one payment which was for my travel voucher but haven't received my other payment for my weight tickets and moving my own belongings yet. I am Navy. Does anyone know who I contact for that?
  5. C

    Transition Leave

    BLUF: My CoC says that I am not authorized to use my leave days for transition leave and must sell back any amount of 60 days or less. (example if I had 62 days, I sell back 60 and take 2) I spoke to my installation MEB office and was told that this issue is currently with IG and it is possible...
  6. K

    PDA and orders

    How long does it take to get orders after signing 199. I signed mine Oct 26th, I know it's only been a week but would really like to know when I'll start clearing. 80% TDLR 90% VA.
  7. A

    Confused about retirement date

    What determines what your retirement date will be? Is it 90 days after signing for your ratings? How does the amount of leave I have effect what my retirement will be?
  8. J

    Selling Leave prior to Separation

    I am on the last steps of my MEB, just submitted my VAR today. I will have 90 days leave come Oct 1, which everyone knows you lose anything over 60 after that. I've been in the MEB process since March, and during the process you are not supposed to take leave. I was supposed to recieve my orders...
  9. P

    Housing Hunting Leave

    The VA currently has my PEB packed and my PEBLO stated that to completion of finding out my rating, should be around 45 days. In that case, I have started researching alternatives to regular leave and believe that I should at leave be permitted 10 days house hunting leave depending on command...
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