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mental health

  1. A

    Should I Submit a Statement to Rebuttal my AdSep?

    I am being Admin Separated for pattern of misconduct. My CO is recommending a General (under Honorable) discharge at the very least though, due to my mental health being a significant factor. I was originally on a Medboard, which ended up being cancelled after issues with my mental health doc...
  2. D

    Just received Findings and curious what compensation to expect with 70% military 100% VA and TDRL

    Hello there, I'm new but in the process of being medically retired from the Air Force. I just received my findings and have gone over my options with my peblo, but I"m curious as to what happens to my compensation amount while being on TDRL. The Peblo mentioned that while on TDRL that my...
  3. M

    MST, Unspecified Anxiety

    Hello all, I have just started the IDES process and am looking for some feedback on potential outcomes. I experienced a MST event early in my career. I’ve been seeing psychiatrists, psychologists, and have completed an intensive outpatient 2 week program. I am still able to perform my job on...
  4. A

    What should you do about incorrect information in your medical records?

    I'm active duty USMC, and am on a Med Board. I was going through my Medical Records, and noticed some notes (Previous Encounter Notes & Clinician Notes) that were entered by one of the doctors I used to see. In them, she wrote that several of my Mental Health Conditions had "existed prior to...
  5. A

    Could a genetic disease affect my Med Board?

    I'm currently on a Med Board for mental health issues, but while that's happening I made an appointment with an ENT at the MTF. I believe I have a genetic blood vessel disorder, after getting an outside opinion. I was also told that it was hereditary. I was wondering if I am diagnosed by the...
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    Navy/USMC Med Board Help

    I'm Active Duty in the Marine Corps, and today I was informed by my psychiatrist that I was put onto a Med Board. We both mutually agreed upon it, as things have been getting worse and my mental health has significantly taken a tole on my performance. The PEB Admin called me yesterday also, and...
  7. A

    Navy MEB PTSD

    Hello all, any advice or comments on my situation would be very helpful. to start off, I have an appointment tomorrow with my LCSW who is going to be submitting my MEB package. As to this part, I’m wondering what happens from there? Is there anything I need to do? Where does this go? My referee...
  8. Z

    Any Medical Officers/Attorneys want to give me your thoughts on my NMA? (fit/unfit)

    Just as the title reads... With being in the LDES situation for way to long, I am getting a bit concerned. After 10 years of service, that has been wonderful up until the last few years, I lost the ability to control my mental health symptoms. So after trying to fight the symptoms and the Navy...
  9. C

    Federal employment after seperation

    Not sure if this is the best place to post this but I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction. I was told at one point during my MEB that I need to be careful with federal employment if I am medically retired from the military. I was going through a lot at the time and didn't...
  10. A

    LIMDU for Mental Health

    So this post is probably going to be unorganized. I’ve been on here for a few months reading a lot, and finally decided to reach out for some input on my situation. Any help at all would be appreciated! I have only been in the Navy for 2 years now, and honestly have had a great intro into the...
  11. G

    Possible LIMDU

    Hello everyone, I have reached out to this forum in hopes of finding answers to my current situation. I have self-referred myself to mental health or MHOOD clinic out here in San Diego. If the option is a LIMDU I might take it. I am worried though that this might result in myself being ADSEP'd...
  12. Z

    Discouraged Sailor going through LDES

    As the title states, I am getting so discouraged and losing my mind and need an outlet. Chose LDES to be with my wife, and two daughters sooner, and job opportunities that await. PEBLO is always giving me the run around I feel... by giving me random numbers every time I talk with him, and having...
  13. A

    Is it possible to sue or hold a military doctor if you prove that they misdiagnosed you?

    Hello, I’m curious about something that’s been rattling in the back of my mind for a while now. If I prove through the BCNR that the adjustment disorder I was diagnosed with in the Navy was wrong, along with getting an RE4 code for it. Can I sue or hold the doctor who did it responsible?
  14. T

    PEB Found Fit for PTSD

    Good morning everyone, I was recently found fit for PTSD but it is basically a 50% rating alone based on the VA C&P Exam. I have two other conditions that rendered me unfit (left ankle and left leg). I expect those two ratings combined to be 20% or less. If I were to be found unfit for the PTSD...
  15. P

    Can the med board process or VA change your referred mental health condition?

    Hello all, I've been diagnosed with schizophrenia and entered the ides/med board system. I had an appointment with an ides doctor to review my physical claims and noticed on his screen as he scrolled that I had behavioral health conditions listed that were not part of my referred condition...
  16. Pricegoudaprice

    Admin Sep for mental health?

    Greetings all, I’m being recommended for a 2nd Limdu for MDD. I’ve been on a list of medications, have not missed an appointment and do everything as required. My psychiatrist changed my diagnosis to adjustment disorder a couple months ago and it seems my therapist and psychiatrist are in...
  17. C


    What can I do if something in my MH records isn't correct? My MH provider said I had suicide ideation as a kid and took OTC meds to try to kill myself... What do I do and how do I go about it?
  18. RichDaniel

    Mental Health C&P Appt

    I conducted a C&P appointment for my anxiety claim last Friday. I was seen a few years back for stress about four times. My doctor diagnosed me with anxiety disorder. I was prescribed Xanax, but I did not like it. He then prescribed Zoloft. I didn't like that either. In total, I believe I was on...
  19. J

    Mental Health Eval

    Hello all, I have been seeing VA mental health providers for nearly 6mo, it has been about a year since the TBI I suffered. I was notified that I must go to a mental health evaluation on base (must be DoD) before a NARSUM can be written and before anyone can determine if I will go through a...
  20. A

    HELP!! Mental Health MEB possibility

    Hello all, I have been seeing a mental health provider for a few months now about my anxiety and claustrophobia in tight places and this seems to be going nowhere. I often times skip out on commanders calls, awards ceremonies etc. because I cant handle being in a place with no windows or tight...