mental illness

  1. D

    Gulf War Syndrome - Depression/Mental Illness in children

    Hi I was wondering if there are any Desert Storm veterans that would be willing to share about their children's mental health, I'm a 21 year old who's father served in desert storm (1-8 Cav) who is dealing with major clinical depression, with a background of severe headaches, and I was wondering...
  2. ides2017

    Confused/overwhelmed...NARSUM rcvd...IMR Request?

    Currently undergoing MEB for Mental Health issues and I find the entire process very confusing and overwhelming. I don't feel like I have enough information to really understand the process, make informed decisions, and preserve any rights I may or may not have in the process. I disagree...
  3. J

    Mental instability?

    I've nver posted here but i feel i need to find out my options. Almost 11 1/2 in. Having adjustment issues, stress overload. I've had sleep issues for years never said anything sudden waking, panicked, talking, getting up, minor sleepwalker. I've just not been adjusting well and dont know what...
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