navy meb

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    C&P exam procedures changed?

    Have a question for some of you folks on here that are past or rather recently completed the IDES C&P exams at the VA. Is there a new way of conducting ROM tests? My examiner did it “hands on” and via line of sight. Is this the norm for those of you that have gone through it recently? I was...
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    Medical Board Questions, help!

    Hi there. I am currently active duty in the Navy. I was sea duty then was transfered to shore duty on limdu orders, now i have been put on a med board. My background: Im currenlty in the beginning process of my medical board. I was recommended for a medical board with "Major Depression" and...
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    E-6, Navy,8 years of service. Referred to MEB 10/7, meet with PEBLO 10/15. 2 psychs and 1 other issue what timeline am I looking at ?
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    Navy DMEBR/3rd LIMDU

    Hello all, I am new to site however I would like to get feedback tips from people who have been in my situation. I am an aircrewman currently being directed to a Dictated Medical Board (DMEBR) for a 3rd LIMDU period I was LIMDU for the same issue in 2015-2016 and amounted two different periods...
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    PEB was closed, 2 months till EAOS

    My PEB was closed and I'm 2 months to my EAOS, the MEB itself took well over 8 months and it has been frustrating. I am getting a required surgery in Feb for my referring condition (crohns) and the ersonnel would like to speak to me on monday. I'm fairly certain they will advise me against...
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    Question about process.

    Good morning, Currently I am on HUMS orders for my kids Mental Health issues and Physical Therapy. During this whole time as well i have started seeing psychiatry and finally a good therapist for depression, anxiety and adjustment disorder. I also have back and hip issues currently. My...
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    Almost done (My Case Timeline)

    Hey everyone, been following the forum for a little while and I understand how frustrating and awful the entire MEB/PEB process is. I just created an account for the sole purpose of listing my entire timeline, in hopes that it will help someone. Please feel free to ask any questions. The first...
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    Possible Navy PEB/MEB coming... lots of questions

    I've been active duty for 19 months, 2 months into my Navy career, 2 days before graduating boot camp, I injured my shoulder... long story short, it's still not right and causing me pain, discomfort and loss of range of motion. (i reference the full story in my first post, if you're interested)...
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    Need guidance.

    I'm currently a Navy Recruiter, and next January I will complete 8 years of active service. In November of 2010 while working aboard the ship I had a fall and injured my back. I have been treated for chronic pain since then. This past february 2017 I underwent a decompression and fusion surgery...
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