navy timelines

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    Navy Timeline-NMC Portsmouth

    Hello all, Been lurking for a few months and decided to post my timeline as hopefully it helps someone, as this forum has helped me quite a bit. I am currently active duty Navy with 20 years and 4 months TIS. I know this will lead to retirement, just ready for the process to be over with. 01...
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    Medical Separation and Admin Separation

    I signed my findings this week, and I was found to be unfit, so I am getting medically separated now. The issue that is arising is that I am also getting administratively separated due to my refusal to receive the Covid-19 vaccination. I know that's a whole different topic and that's for a...
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    Navy DMEBR/3rd LIMDU

    Hello all, I am new to site however I would like to get feedback tips from people who have been in my situation. I am an aircrewman currently being directed to a Dictated Medical Board (DMEBR) for a 3rd LIMDU period I was LIMDU for the same issue in 2015-2016 and amounted two different periods...