peb decision

  1. M

    Post discharge appeal

    I was discharged last year with a 50-10 VA to DOD rating. There have been some developments and I got bumped to 80% VA. Is there any provision for appealing your DOD rating post discharge?
  2. T

    Navy IDES Timeline - NBK Bremerton

    Hello all, I'll post my timeline thus far and a bit of background information. Hopefully it helps someone out. Referred conditions: Migraine headaches, PTSD, Unspecified Anxiety Disorder September 2018 - Med Board initiated. February 2019 - NARSUM completed and package sent off to DOD...
  3. Ajcrr09

    MEB questions running out of time, ets date is approaching

    I had hip impingement surgery done November 2017 and currently on con leave until my DOS of February 24, 2018. I asked my PCM about MEB in December 2017. I am being denied based off the time I have left. The pcm doesn’t want to put me in for med hold. They are kind of kicking me to curb and the...
  4. N

    Lost and Confused: Please help!

    So I started the IDES process in May, and received a VA rating of 70% to be sent to the PEB. The PEB came back as 'Unfit: Not Rated'. I have gotten multiple different answers from people within the VA, my PEBLO, and Lawyer. Will the VA rescind their findings and lower them because the PEB...
  5. N

    8-14-2017 Whats my estimated timeline?

    Hi guys, My current place in the process is as follows: 17 MARCH 2017: MEB initiated 2 MAY 2017 : VA exams completed 6 JUNE 2017 : Signed for package 27 JUNE 2017 : Package accepted for action 8 AUG 2017 : Package at Line Officer for official determination (Fit or Unfit) I was...
  6. V

    IPEB results are in and do not know what to do

    the results came back for me with 0% DOD 90%VA seperate with severance. I have two unfitting conditions that was sent to the board lisfranc fructure/traumatic arthritist rated at 0% and the diabetes mellitus II not found as unfitting rated at 20%. Here are tge rest of the conditions rated at...
  7. V

    VA timeline

    I just called PEB today and told me they submitted my package to the VA and called the VA after and was told they received my package on 23 July 2017. My question is how long do it take for the VA to do the ratings and comes back to the PEB and also with my package being sent to the VA does that...
  8. NavyVeteran

    PEB Telephone number

    Who do you call if your TDRL final physical was sent to the PEB but you have not heard from them (90 days) with a final deciion (SEVERANCE, PDRL, FIT) ? Thank you and God Bless!!!
  9. NavyVeteran

    Final TDRL Physical 5 years

    I just had my final physical for my TDRL, I am almost at my 5 year mark. The doctor saw me yesterday and I am just trying to get a ball park of how long does it usually take to get a decision back from the PEB? Thank you in advance.
  10. L

    Please help me

    The PEB first rated me 30% for my back but when the breakdown on VA side didn't match the PEB lowered it and made it 30%. I got hit by a car on base while walking I've been dealing with non stop back pain for 3 years I've had 2 back surgeries all while on active duty. My overall percentage...
  11. J

    IPEB timeline

    Packet was submitted to informal peb on 04feb. Still haven't received any update. Peblo says it is still at peb. Nyone else experiencing a long wait?
  12. Y


    Could someone answer my questions and recommend my best coars of action? Situation: Marine Rating just downgraded: Prior to the board: TDRL 70%//VA 70% BIPOLAR DISORDER MIXED MODERATE TO SEVERE After 18 months I was told that there was no need for a physical evaluation because "they found a...
  13. A

    Severance pay for National Guard

    I going to med/peb proceedings and I'm trying to calculate my severance pay. Every calculation I see is for AD. How do I calculate for National Guard. I'm a E5 with 15 years of service?? Someone help me out?
  14. N

    Ratings back from PEB. NOT HAPPY. Appeal is happening.

    We got our UNFIT ratings today. My husband is NOT HAPPY. He is an MMN and has been in this whole limbo process since January 2015. We sent off his PEB packet in February. For ulcerative colitis and UC-related arthritis my husband received 10%, plus a severance for his separation. On the VA...
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