1. ides2017

    Confused/overwhelmed...NARSUM rcvd...IMR Request?

    Currently undergoing MEB for Mental Health issues and I find the entire process very confusing and overwhelming. I don't feel like I have enough information to really understand the process, make informed decisions, and preserve any rights I may or may not have in the process. I disagree...
  2. J

    Need help with rough timeline estimate.

    Good afternoon. I need help estimating when I will start my PTDY/terminal leave, assuming I'm found unfit. I have a job opportunity flying for the airlines in which I will begin unpaid training in the fall. The most beneficial outcome is to conduct that unpaid training in conjunction with my...
  3. catherinemedboard

    No cost TAD orders while on PEB?

    I have asked a few times to a few people but was wondering if anyone has gotten away with getting new orders? My significant other is in Illinois and was wondering since there is a big medical facility there if I can transfer over there instead of staying in SoCal for my PEB? Has this happened...
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