1. K

    Question about process.

    Good morning, Currently I am on HUMS orders for my kids Mental Health issues and Physical Therapy. During this whole time as well i have started seeing psychiatry and finally a good therapist for depression, anxiety and adjustment disorder. I also have back and hip issues currently. My...
  2. K

    MEDICAL Failure for PRT

    Where/what is the instruction for Medical failures during the PRT? I passed my pushups/curlups easy but when I was running my Mile and a half I had HARSH chest pains and they haven't gone away since. Any time I try to lift something heavy or exercise again my chest pain comes back. Is there a...
  3. E


    Hello I am currently 67 days out from my terminal leave and 78 days from EAOS. My command has brought to my attention today that I have had 3 med waivers for my PRT in the last four years and that they may have to med board me. I do not wish for this to happen as i am getting out so soon and...
  4. H

    Can't do sit-up or run for PRT

    Hi everyone. New here.. But I had a question. Doesn't everyone? So I have pilionidal disease, it was diagnosed in 2014 at my first duty station. I went to medical frequently for it getting infected. Doctors there recommended surgery but the surgeons refused at the time. I continue to my next...
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