1. E

    Beginning of MEB process, HELP!!

    Active duty been in 3 years, airborne at Bragg as a combat engineer. So 10 months ago in march I got into a car accident when I was a restrained passenger in the backseat. Knocked out and ambulanced to hospital before transferring me to another. Separated shoulder. 2 fractures ribs. Lacerations...
  2. I

    Depressive Disorder due to medical condition(Chronic Pain) 10% or 30%???

    In my Exam notes it has an X on: Occupational and social impairment due to mild or transient symptoms which decrease work efficiency and ability to perform occupational tasks only during periods of significant stress, or; symptoms controlled by continuous medication.... Which I understand to...
  3. T

    Ratings in, now what?

    So I signed my ratings today I'm active duty USMC. I received 0% DoD and 80% VA. I am understanding that since I am receiving 0% from the DoD that I will get my severance pay upon separation and then within the next 1-3 months to receive my monthly VA compensation without the severance being...
  4. Fil12085

    Ratings In!!

    I just got the call yesterday, 70DOD/100VA TDRL. I am surprised this is done already. I have 10 days to accept. I meet with Legal on the 4th, sign and accept and choose a retirement date I think. I thought I had another 2 months at least to be at this point.
  5. A

    Ratings in!

    I got my ratings and signed for them last week on Dec 1st. 40% DoD permanent retirement, and 90%VA. Some conditions were rated higher than I expected and others lower. I was surprised that I received my ratings back so soon after my claim went historical. My timeline should be in my signature.
  6. C

    DoD Rating Confusion

    Hi there guys! I know this has been asked, but I would just like to clarify as I am still slightly confused, and honestly don't wish to get my hopes up. I'd rather be happy and or upset now than later. So I've received my Proposed ratings, and while I am aware they are just proposed, I also...
  7. S

    What's the hold up with orders?

    Anyone know why orders are taking so long to come in recently? It's been two weeks and still nothing. I am navy
  8. A

    IPEB wait time

    Hello, I'm new to this forum. I've looked around a bit the past few weeks. My package was sent to the IPEB 28 September. At the time my PEBLO told me that the average turnaround time for Air Force to get ratings back was 45 days. I called her today and she told me the VA and the IPEB are wayyyyy...
  9. S

    Anything else I should do?

    I got my ratings yesterday and signed them so they should be sent off yesterday or today. While I'm waiting for orders what else should I do for benefits and checking out? I applied for SSDI but was denied because I am still active duty but legal said I can be approved so I appealed. I am...
  10. rajeev2liz

    NARSUM Today

    Hello all, I just got my NARSUM today with 3 unfitting conditon PTSD, Sleep Disorder and Herniated Disc my question is when this goes to the PEB for review do they only look at the NARSUM only to make there decsion since from my understanding its a summary for my medical record or would they...
  11. OCDC

    Ratings for DDD with S1 radiculopathy

    so I started my medboard at the end of May and the C&P exams took the longest out of this whole process. After my IMR to get my ankle added to my NARSUM as an unfitting condition it was sent to the ipeb for a total of four days. It was t the VA for another 4 days and they sent back the results...
  12. A

    Got My Ratings....Drum roll please......

    70% DOD PRDL and 70% VA :D I'm not going to fight anything. I got a bunch of 0% ratings but I can always request an increase for those in the future. So happy! Will it be 90 days left on active duty after signing for my ratings?
  13. H

    Multiple back issues...ratings for each?

    Hello, Forgive me if this is a silly question! I was diagnosed with scoliosis last year. Earlier this year, I sustained an injury which ended up with bulging discs in my back. Will the scoliosis and bulging discs be rated as two separate conditions? Or will they be lumped together, despite them...
  14. A

    Guys...I just talked to my PEBLO, and....

    I'm officially unfit. I was found unfit on July 27 2016. My case has been at the VA for almost 1 month so now I'm just waiting for them to rate me and send my ratings to the IPEB. My PEBLO said the VA should send my ratings to the IPEB any day now. How long does it take for the IPEB to rate me...
  15. SOFVET

    Two C&P exams for the same condition conducted three weeks apart

    I recently had a C&P exam (C Spine and Lumbar) conducted by QTC on July 12 for a possible ratings increase. Then, two weeks later, I was finally accepted into the IDES process and contacted by my PEBLO. Three weeks after the ratings increase QTC exam I was scheduled by the VA to have my IDES...
  16. K

    I have been out 10 years, but found out PEBLO can be reviewed...

    I filed for a PEB review. It is my understanding that the military decided that the PEB review process going on around 10-15 years ago wasn't being decided very fairly. They have been reevaluating older cases. I was originally given 10%, but VA gave me over 90%. I was told that I had a good...
  17. J

    Rating Accuracy - using www.militarydisabilitymadeeasy.com

    Hi everyone, my attorney gave me this website to help estimate my ratings while we wait for the VA's decision, militarydisabilitymadeeasy.com. Has anyone compared their final VA ratings with what is listed on this website? Hoping what I have estimated from this website will be what is actually...
  18. J

    Rating Accuracy - militarydisabilitymadeeasy.com

    Hi everyone, my attorney gave me this website to help estimate my ratings while we wait for the VA's decision, militarydisabilitymadeeasy.com. Has anyone compared their final VA ratings with what is listed on this website? Hoping what I have estimated from this website will be what is actually...
  19. P

    Has anyone been rated for something that they did not claim?

    Question: Say a Soldier claims Anxiety as a result of a traumatic event. The MEB is in the process and still waiting for the NARSUM. If BH and the QTC claims that the Soldier has Depression, PTSD, or whatever, will they add it or replace the claimed mental disorder?
  20. N

    Which "estimated completion" date should we trust?

    Hi y'all. Like everyone else, we obsessively check the ever-wonky ebenefits. Today, much to our surprise, we had a second claim opened with the status: "preparing for decision" Once I clicked on the link, the below appeared: Status of Your Claim PREPARATION FOR DECISION Submitted: 04/14/2016...
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